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Respawn’s new Star Wars game could have multiplayer

Respawn announced that it was working on a new first-person shooter that takes place in the Star Wars universe in 2022, and although it stated that the title would be more focused on offering a single player experience, it seems that they could implement some multiplayer elements.

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A job offer for a Senior Gameplay Software Engineer at Respawn (thanks, Insider Gaming) suggests that the candidate would be joining the studio’s Star Wars FPS team. He also indicates in his desired qualifications section that he has demonstrable multiplayer experience.

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This doesn’t necessarily confirm that we’re going to see multiplayer in the title, but it does suggest that there could be PvE (Player vs. Environment) or PvP (Player vs. Player) multiplayer elements.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the thing at Respawn right now, but once it’s released next March, we might see more about this mysterious first-person shooter set in a galaxy far, far away. distant…

Respawn's new Star Wars game could have multiplayer

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