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Restless Soul Review – Nintendo Switch. makes the dead laugh

Restless Soul

It was a warm September morning when, in the NextN engine room, two people got in touch. Or rather, one of them contacted another. she wore a leg of ham under the arm, willing to get away with it and have the opportunity to analyze a title that looked rather curious. A totally black and white aesthetic, a Esports Extras art coarse, fat, of those who remember another totally different era in the world of video games, a ghostly protagonist who is involved in fights style bullet hell… Nothing, no, that said like that doesn’t seem like much, but it was about Restless Soul. That ham was well worth the contact, even if Efejota had bought it at Masymas.

When he completed his adventure and he began to investigate for the elaboration of his analysis, he discovered that the prophecy* was fulfilled: it was developed by the small independent developer Fuz Games and distributed by Graffiti Games. A combination that had just opened a direct door to the Beyond. And well, the narrator who tells all this is none other than myself, Effejota. Hey you NextN reader! Are you taking notes? I warn you that this trip is going to be crazy! But hey, yourself with your mechanism. Don’t let it be said that I haven’t warned you.

*The prophecy is the credits of the game.

A history of pending accounts. One plus one is…

Anyway, where we were going. This story is about a world that we all know more or less, the Beyond, which is called that because it is close, what is said close, it is not. to me, at least, he doesn’t catch me on the way to workI don’t know about you. And the point is that those who get there are never completely satisfied with doing so, because almost all of them have some unfinished business to settle and want to return to the real world. What a coincidence, hey, nobody wants to die. This is the case of our protagonist, a very nice ghost with the appearance of a croquette without batter, and that under his nose he is going to return to the world of the living using the Portal. Well, he’s a ghost, he doesn’t have a nose… It doesn’t matter, you already understand me.

But come on, things are not so simple, if everything were so easy, there would be no game to analyze, the story would have been finished in 5 minutes. the ghost has obstacles in your way: In order to access the Portal, you need to collect the 8 Keys of the Beyond. And it will not be that simple, because they are guarded in the 8 Towers of the custodian and boss of the world of the dead: Dr Krull. What? Who? Death? Are you talking about the intern? That one here doesn’t prick or cut! Do you not know the sinister and evil Doctor Krull, the tyrant who has conquered the Afterlife and bent it to his will? Scholars no, eh! Not interns!

Pending issues
Well that’s what I said

Restless Soul and its out-of-body world

The Afterlife map is funny because if you stare at it for half a minute and then blink, the Kanto map in Pokemon Red appears. No, it’s actually a joke. But there is similarity in that there are 8 key cities and other minor enclaves that you have to go from pe to pa to get the keys. In all of them there are letters hidden in the most unexpected places, and if you complete the 9 letters of the word AFTERLIFE in a city, you get what amounts to a third of a heart. No, it couldn’t be a room, that is already taken by other sagas.

This is the way the title encourages exploration: if you don’t explore, you get to the end of the game without increasing your maximum vitality. But it’s not like nothing happens, huh. I’ve done. Not out of laziness or rushing to finish the game, but because i’m so bad at exploring that I have only completed the word in two different places. Anyway, to what I was going: you investigate, investigate a lot. That all cities and caves have their intricacies and are worth visiting. In addition, you also have to save Bro and his five brothers, who are locked in cages and hidden in a bad way. They must have done something, but that’s not your problem, you’re the hero of this adventure, right?

something hidden
How suspicious that wall…

Pium, pawm, dash and other special effects cuts

Well, let’s see, something must be explained before anything else: you in the Beyond can move peacefully almost everywhere. That this is not the Wild West… Well, there is a city that yes, it is. But not even there you go shooting with everyone who gets in front of you. It’s only happens in the towers, which is where you have to break your back to get the damn Keys. That’s where the fights are fought, which are mainly in style bullet hell, but you also find places where you only have to move forward without being hit by a shot, or where you simply have to jump and dodge traps. In the variety is the spice.

The coolest thing about combat is that there are different types of enemies and each one has a different way of attacking. Not only the bosses, but also the normal enemies, from King Minion to King V, each one has their attack and movement pattern. This gives each enemy a touch of personality, instead of making them mere clones of each other. Perhaps we should thank Doctor Krull for having such an organized and disciplined army. What? What’s happening? Is it that you have never recognized when someone you dislike does something right? Do you look over your shoulder at me? Well look, maybe yes you deserve to have come to the afterlife after all!

Restless Soul
Yes, the boss is in profile, what’s up? I am not a professional photographer!

Let’s put the madness on pause for a moment

Let’s get serious for a couple of paragraphs. The main draw of Restless Soul isn’t the adventure, the combat, or even the story itself. All these aspects, in fact, they are quite light. But there is something that makes this title special, and it is its comic tone. There isn’t a single dialog in the entire game that is a waste. Every conversation with other characters, every object examined, every dialogue with the narrator, has the potential to draw, at least a slight smile to the player. And sometimes, more than one laugh. The fourth wall? It doesn’t exist here. Metahumor? Is the order of the day. It is a game that invites you to examine everything, to talk to everyone, because every moment is worth it.

In addition to this, it is a game with a lot of love for popular culture, not only in the world of video games. There are multitude of references to other sagas, tributes and winks throughout the game. It’s not always easy to motivate the player to explore every corner, but Restless Soul succeeds. Part of this motivation, yes, stems from the fact that the adventure is not particularly long, the title can be completed about 4-5 hours of gameplay. But it is undeniable that his ability to motivate the player to interact with everything he encounters is commendable. Well, and I guess now you understand a little better why I’m doing this analysis in a such a casual tone. It is what deserves the title that I am analyzing,I know understand or not I know understands?

Orwellian reference
Big Brother is watching you, but not yet, you still have time

Restless Soul works like hell on Nintendo Switch

Okay, the joke of that title is terrible, I assume. But hey, the important thing is that the performance of the title on the hybrid console it’s not too bad. Its operation, both in desktop mode and in portable mode, is more fluid than a ghost walking through a wall. His artistic style is based on references such as Paper Mario, with two-dimensional characters and three-dimensional settings as a diorama, without wasting the comic opportunities that this provides, and Undertale, with an aesthetic in which gray scale has a monopoly . Notice if the gray scale is tyrannical that even Doctor Krull is its slave, it is so tyrannical that she hits him at recess to the smallest color scales. And the soundtrack is very much in keeping with that retro style, but it also surprises with its richness and variety. The wonders that can be done with so few bits!

Now, I know that I’m not putting too many hits on the title. But it’s really complicated, okay? It’s not easy to find fault with a game when it’s good! But okay, I’m going to go into Doctor Krull mode for a couple of minutes. The length of the title can be a drawback, because you can practically gobble it up in an afternoon when you don’t have much to do. And since you can’t stand the incessant humor… Well, three quarters of the same. Otherwise, what do you want me to tell you, it’s a game that seeks the premise of have fun lightly and without great demands playable, and embroiders it.

Restless Soul – Nintendo Switch. We ended up dead… laughing

Efejota arrived at concluding paragraph of the analysis and reread everything else to try to summarize it, and after doing so, wrote the following paragraph: «Restless Soul is a very light adventure, with a very accessible and simple gameplay and an archetypal story of souls that went to the Beyond with pending accounts, in which the authentic protagonistabove anything else, is the sense of humor. A comfortable title in which each dialogue finds different ways to surprise us, and invites the player not to leave a single corner unexplored. Who would voluntarily give up chance to laugh one more time? Not even the dead would.» And this is all that the narrator of this story has to tell. The best thing is that the rest you enjoy for yourself.

Does fame cost?

We have analyzed Restless Soul thanks to a digital code provided by Graffiti Games. Tested version: 1.2

Restless Soul

beyond the laughs

Restless Soul’s minimalist aesthetic belies an equally minimalist story and gameplay along the same lines, but all that minimalism shifts its center of gravity toward humor and fun. It could be said that the entire title is a joke from beginning to end, one of those that manage to make you smile almost every moment throughout the adventure, which, yes, flies by.


The dialogues, full of metahumor, references and jokes, are not wasted

Its gameplay is simple and accessible

The soundtrack is surprisingly varied


It is so light and advances so fast that its duration is short.

As long as you don’t have a high tolerance for humor… You won’t have such a good time

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