Returnal is another Sony release with little reception on PC

Everything seems to indicate that Returnal is one of Sony’s weakest PC releases so far.

The roguelike shooter has so far managed less than 7,000 concurrent players on Steam during its opening weekend, according to SteamDB.

For comparison, the only game in Sony’s recent PC catalog that has performed worse is Sackboy: A Big Adventurewhich achieved only 610 maximum concurrent players.

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Sony’s other PC ports have fared much better, with God of War leading the pack with around 74,000 attendees, Marvel’s Spider-Man with around 66,000, Horizon Zero Dawn with around 56,000, and Days Gone with around 28,000.

It’s worth noting that while Returnal debuted to strong critical reception and was lauded with industry awards in the year after it was released, it’s a significantly smaller IP than God of War or Spider-Man.

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Returnal launched on PC earlier this week and is currently the 165th most played game on Steam in the last 24 hours.

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However, even some of PlayStation’s biggest IPs haven’t apparently made much of an impact on PC thus far, as Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves Collection managed a similarly low count of 10,851 concurrent players during its opening weekend. debut, despite being a much bigger IP. what a return