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Among so many games that we have to enjoy throughout 2023, one of the most anticipated is Lies of P, which left us fascinated with its first gameplay. Since it was announced last summer until now, we have received a lot of content and information about this action title set in a cruel and dark world of the Belle Époque. So now, for all of you who are waiting to enjoy the Souls of Pinocchio developed by Neowiz Games sometime next August, we bring you a new and spectacular gameplay of Lies of P.

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This new and spectacular gameplay of Lies of P is an extension of what was seen in the recent gameplay trailer which revealed the launch window of the game. As you can see below, the gameplay lasts 1h and 11 minutesSo if you don’t want to mess up the experience, you’d better wait and not see it.

Revealed a new and spectacular gameplay of Lies of P

The new and extensive gameplay of Lies of P has been published by the well-known YouTube channel child terrible. It looks great, something to be expected when the developmental influences They have been games like Elden Ring or Dark Souls. For a little over two years in development, the work seems to be excellent. If things work out as they should, NeoWiz has already confirmed that he wants to make Lies of P a saga.

We remind you that the duration will be about 30 hours if we go straight to the main story, although if we want to fully explore all the scenarios, the game can last up to 60 hours. Each stage will take us around 10 hours to complete, being very different from each other. Also, depending on the decisions we make with our protagonist Pinocchio, we will have one ending or another. We remind you that Lies of P will launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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