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Revealed all the participants of the SoloQ VALORANT 2022

Revealed all the participants of the SoloQ VALORANT 2022

For days we have known that a great competition is approaching among the Hispanic community of VALORANT. Similar to SoloQ Challenge of League of Legends, a tournament that started with Elm Cherto «elmiilloR“Now we are facing the SoloQ VALORANT 2022. This tournament already had its edition last 2021 and we were not going to have a 2022 without it.


From the hand of BlackSpanish, hitboxing Y lembo an initiative arrives that will keep us hooked to the shooter from Riot Games for days. Over the last few weeks we have been introduced to different participants who they will offer us their best performances in the VALORANT ranked queues. and this same September 14 Finally we were announced to all the participants.

The participants of the SoloQ VALORANT 2022

It will be the 20th when this competition starts. This time we are faced with two completely different categories. First of all we have the SoloQ VALORANT 2022 Casualwhere we will see those content creators who do not reach the highest ranks but who continue to profess their love for shooter from RiotGames. These are the 20 participants who will try to reach the top in this category:

  • aXoZer
  • barbeq
  • abby
  • Zeling
  • Karchez
  • Beniju
  • Pereeira
  • ffaka
  • Moyorz
  • Borraska
  • Reborn
  • folagor
  • Paula Q.
  • Sikako
  • Laura Bubblegum
  • little gem
  • Dequiv
  • Th3Antonio
  • walk
  • CooLife

And just like in the SoloQ Challenge of League of Legends, we will also find the category of the largest. The participants of the category try hard who will seek to reach the top of the qualifying queues. Why not dream of him? Rank 1? In this category we have some of the best players and they sure leave us dream performances. Especially considering that we will see players of the caliber of Mixwell or Koldamenta, among many others.

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The category participants SoloQ VALORANT 2022 Tryhard are the following:

  • Mixwell
  • Koldamenta
  • Black
  • hitboxing
  • lembo
  • miles
  • Ulises
  • Leviathan
  • Jesskiu
  • StarWraith
  • Sirmaza
  • kam1
  • Fit1nho
  • SergioFerra
  • Tozeo
  • nixerino
  • Horcus
  • zok3r
  • vorwenn
  • Vity
  • Akaleina
  • alpachino
  • Andalusian
  • Irenefields
  • Saiz
  • Kadnite
  • stage
  • Vares
  • Danikongi
  • nara

The highlight of all this is that, as revealed in the stream presentation, in addition to monetary prizes for the best, participants will receive a special pack with merchandise made by Riot Games and that will be unique in the world. They have also made it clear that the four best in the category try hard will be present at the next Gamergywith a very special invitation.

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The show begins!

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