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revealed the date of its next free open beta

One of Blizzard’s best-known sagas, Diablo, will receive its latest game in a few months, which promises to change a lot from the previous ones. With Diablo 4 we will no longer be facing a Diablo Immortal where paying in the store gave you an advantage over others. In addition, it is expected to have a large open world with hundreds of places to explore. The expected Diablo 4 already has a release datebut until summer arrives we will be able to access the next open beta next month.

Diablo 4 is the next action RPG (hack and slash) game with an isometric view that will return to its roots and this is something that many of us will appreciate. We do not mean that it will be a clone of Diablo 1, 2 or 3, but unlike Diablo Immortal, Diablo 4 shop will only be cosmetics. So, if you want to spend money there will be no problem, but this will not give you an advantage over the rest of the players, which is logical considering how broken the mobile game system was. In addition, we are facing a title that offers us open world and further explorationwith more than 140 dungeons all over the map.

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Diablo 4 open beta is coming in March and will include the first act

Blizzard seems to be doing things right after so long and at least the future Diablo 4 promises to make changes that its players have wanted for a long time. Among these, we highlight the fact that there will now be world bosses, which will be much more complicated, a concept that reminds us of MMOs like Lost Ark. It is a more social game than Diablo 3, at least from a gameplay point of view, since we have crossplay between console and PC.


That being said, the game’s release date was leaked months ago, this being the June 6thAlthough the most interesting thing is that there will be an open beta. Blizzard has announced that for all those who have reserved the gamethey will be able to enjoy early access to *text muted* 4 between March 17 and 19. For the rest of the users, they will be able to access a free open beta between March 24 and 26. During this period, players will have access to the prologue and the complete first act of the game. In fact, we will be able to carry out all the main and secondary missions and level up to level 25.

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Diablo IV will have a very extensive endgame and an interesting pvp

Diablo 4 Skins Shop Cosmetics Battle Pass

Diablo 4 will bring other changes like the new pvp system, where we will fight against other players in specific areas of the map and if we are very good, our character will receive a champion icon and we will be the target of all. As usual in this type of game, the focus is on the end game content, where we will spend hundreds of hours making our character stronger. Also, you have to remember that the game will have more than 140 dungeons that we can freely explore and even a system for conquering enemy fortresses to turn them into allies.

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Without a doubt, there is still a lot to see, although with the announcement of the open beta we already have before us one of the many cinematics that we will find in the game. So, now that you know the date of the Diablo 4 beta, you see preparing yourself, because if you have reserved the game there is less than a month left and if not, you only have to wait one more week.


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