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RevedTV: This is how she became the biggest German streamer on Twitch within just 3 years

Antonia “Reved” Staab (22) is currently the most watched streamer on German Twitch and is one of the biggest German streamers ever. She has only been actively streaming for 3 years. MeinMMO introduces you to the content creator.

Who is that anyway? Reved is one of the most successful German-speaking Twitch streamers ever. Measured by her average number of viewers, she is the most watched woman on German Twitch.

What is Reved’s real name? The real name of the streamer is Antonia Staab, she is often just called Toni.

How old is Reved? Reved was born on July 3, 2000 in Aschaffenburg and is 22 years old (as of September 8, 2022).

How successful is Reved? She has been on Twitch since 2015 but has only been actively streaming since 2019. She now has 875,000 followers on Twitch, and in the last 30 days (as of September 8th, 2022) an average of 6,630 people watched her (via sullygnome).

Reved also runs a YouTube channel with almost 600,000 subscribers, as well as two smaller channels for gaming videos and clips. In addition, Reved is also on other platforms such as TikTok and Twitter active.

Love for Minecraft led Reved to upload her first videos to YouTube. Years later, her breakthrough came with the Craft Attack project. Everything you need to know about it is in the video.

Minecraft: Season 9 of Craft Attack started in November – we explain everything about the project

Reved’s success story

This is how it all started: On April 22, 2015, Reved uploaded her first video to YouTube, then called Luffy. She mainly wanted to show Minecraft there, but also mini-games like Mario Party. At the time, she was still in school and planned to upload a video every other day.

Reved also opened her Twitch channel that same year, but only streamed there infrequently. However, that all changed in 2019. The previous year, 2018, she returned to YouTube after a lengthy hiatus.

With his high school diploma in his pocket, Reved wanted to bring more content again. She also announced a newfound love for streaming and claimed Fortnite was over and Minecraft was making it big again. Without perhaps realizing it, she laid important foundations for the coming year.

Here’s what happened at Reved in 2019: In early 2019, Reved moved to the Portuguese peninsula of Madeira alongside streamers Noah “Half-Twin” Pfeifer and Colin “NotColln”. There they formed the “Schwinsel Gang” together with the well-known German streamer Simon “Unge” Wiefs.

Reved had met the “Boys” shortly before in the 6th season of the Minecraft project “Craft Attack”. With the event came her breakthrough as a content creator. Reved started streaming significantly more on Twitch – in July 2019 she clocked over 100 hours on the platform for the first time.

Reved’s content slowly began to change as well. She posted more about her life on YouTube, took part in challenges and filmed reaction videos. On Twitch, she started streaming mostly in the “Just Chatting” category.

Reved is now considered a variety streamer who likes to show casual games of all kinds and attaches great importance to her community. She streams about three times a week, and clips from the streams are then uploaded to YouTube in the form of “best-ofs”.

These are Reved’s greatest achievements

YouTube: In 2019, Reved reached 1 million views with her YouTube videos for the first time. Her most popular video, a reaction video, now has 1.3 million views. In second place is a video from April 2019 in which Reved says “Oof” 100,000 times after a lost bet.

Twitter: In July 2021, Reved streamed 341 hours, reaching more viewers than ever before. Up to 75,000 people watched her at the same time. She reached her highest average viewer ratings in July 2021 with 8,863 (via sullygnome).

Reved’s most popular clip is from a June 2019 stream and has garnered almost 40,000 views – and she’s just ironing it.

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That’s how it usually works at Reved

Does Reved have a boyfriend? Reved has been in a relationship with streamer Anissa “AnniTheDuck” Badour since 2021. The two have a house together on Madeira and commute between the island and Berlin, where Anni has an apartment.

Who is Socksi? Socki is a small white sock with a smiling face and was used by Reved as a pop filter for her microphone. Socki is now her trademark and appears as an emote as well as a subscriber badge on her Twitch channel.

Socki is Reved’s trademark and also serves as a subscriber badge

Have you been following Reved since their Minecraft days or did you just become aware of them? Which German streamer would you like to see here on MeinMMO? Please leave us a comment with your opinion.

The Twitch streaming platform is often considered a male domain, but in addition to Reved, 4 other women have worked their way up to the top of the German Twitch. Here we present them to you:

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