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RGB speakers to be the life of the party

Tronsmart announced the launch of new portable speakers, these are the Halo 110 and Halo 100. Both are essentially the same speaker, with the exception that the Halo 110 is accompanied by a microphone, which already implies improving the party with a karaoke. This is a promoted item, so I take the liberty of pointing out that all of the company’s speakers feature minimal 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. This makes it clear that we are talking about a quality product.

These speakers are larger than conventional portable speakers, and this is because they are capable of offering up to 60W of power. Best of all is that can be paired with another unit for stereo sound, and that have a handle for easy transport. Additionally, in a pinch, the speakerphone can be used to charge your smartphone.


A close look at the Tronsmart Halo 110 & Halo 100

Thus we come across a portable speaker equipped with two tweeters next to a woofer and a 5.6″ passive radiator. All this promises good sound quality, powerful bass, and powerful up to 60W. So it is ideal both for inside a house and at a pool party or outdoors. The reason for this is that it is backed by an IPX6 certification. This means that it is designed to take no damage from water. Whether it’s splashes or rains. But of course, not submersible, so keep the party from getting out of hand.

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All this is seasoned with a generous ring with RGB LED lighting configurable to the sound of music, and all this backed by a battery that offers up to 18 hours of autonomy. In addition to integrating buttons to adjust the volume or change tracks, you have a mobile app. With it you can choose between different types of equalization, or the lighting configuration. These speakers have Bluetooth, USB-C, USB-A connectivity, and a microSD slot to add music through a physical format. This can be loaded from the App itself.

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The Tronsmart halo 100 It is now available for purchase at a price of 99.99 euros on Amazon. Starting in February, the Halo 110 for €119.99. A correct price for a powerful portable speaker with the plus of being used as karaoke (or well, it depends on who sings).


Other information provided by the manufacturer

Tronsmart Halo 110 & 100 (1)

The portability of the Halo 100 allows you to take the party wherever you want. Its built-in fabric handle makes it easy to transport. With its 18-hour battery life, the Halo 100 will last through the entire party. And you can always use it as a Power Bank to charge your smartphone in the middle of the party.

Enhance your experience even further by connecting two Halo 100 speakers for even bigger, bolder sounds. And you can customize the audio effects through the Tronsmart app. It features dual audio modes, allowing you to connect two devices simultaneously and easily switch between playlists.

Pool parties will be in style with waterproof Halo speakers. The speakers are IPX6 certified, making them suitable for use at the beach or pool without worrying about getting them wet. Whether someone is hosting a small meeting or a large event, the Tronsmart Halo 100 will provide an entertaining and unforgettable audio experience.

Also introducing Halo 100’s brother, Halo 110. This comes with a wired microphone, turning any room into the ultimate karaoke party. The 60W sound can handle more mundane, but no less important tasks like public speaking, providing a high-quality audio experience. Additionally, the Halo 110 also features a vibrant light show to add visual excitement.


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