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Riot Games releases the VALORANT skin series ChronoVoid – Esports Extras.


Riot Games releases the VALORANT skin series ChronoVoid – Esports Extras.

Riot Games is releasing the ChronoVoid skin series for their 5v5 tactical shooter on September 21st VALORANT. With the ChronoVoid skin series, Riot Games set out to create a unique sci-fi weapon that exudes both technological advancement and luxury.

Riot Games tells the story of an ancient technology with the ChronoVoid skin series. In their lifetime, only a select few have harnessed the power of these legendary weapons. Nations and civilizations have arisen, been conquered, and swept off the face of the earth – all thanks to ChronoVoid. Today, ChronoVoid is a sacred relic that many mistakenly believe to be magical. In fact, it’s ancient technology, passed down through the generations – a memorial to the pinnacle of scientific innovation long forgotten. The story of Daedalus and the Minotaur’s Labyrinth served as inspiration for something mysterious and powerful with a forbidden treasure. According to Art Lead Stefan Jevremovic, the weapon should represent a relic of ancient powers.

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Other concepts incorporated into the desEsports Extrasof the skins include wealth, high fashion, luxury, and even Norse mythology. “A lot of the existing designs use central spheres or circles, and we wanted to try new options,” explains producer Victoria Kim. ChronoVoid, she describes, exerts a hypnotic effect and is under the influence of a force that is simultaneously controlled and uncontrollable.

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However, designing the skin line wasn’t always easy. “The new approach created a headache for animation. Each level of the sphere should move individually and while it took us some time to do this, the end result is really impressive. We also decided to add special effects inside the sphere that make the desEsports Extraseven more incredible,” says Kim.

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In addition to an extraordinary look, the new skins offer customized weapon models, animations and visual effects, new inspection animations, crosshairs and audio effects.

For 8,700 VP, the bundle includes the ChronoVoid skins for the Phantom, Vandal, Sheriff, and Judge and the melee weapon (Terminus A Quo), as well as the ChronoVoid Banner, ChronoVoid Graffiti, and ChronoVoid Talisman “.

More info about VALORANT can be found on the official website

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