RIOT Games talks about healing in League of Legends

RIOT Games is aware that the cures in League of Legends they are somewhat frustrating for the vast majority of the community. Furthermore, with the changes introduced in the patch 12.14the developer has chosen this moment to talk about the state of this mechanic and how they look to balance healing in the future.

It’s happened to all of us in a game of League of Legends see how the life of one of our rivals is at the minimum and suddenly heals to the maximum. It’s frustrating for everyone to play against this (although if it happens to you it’s the best feeling in the world). As if that were not enough, there is the figure of the tanks. They are not easy or quick to take down, most heal by themselves and on top of that there is no incentive to want to kill them, so RIOT himself speaks of them as a reduced game quality.

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Heals and their difficult balance in the game

As we discussed earlier, RIOT has been talking about how careful they should be when creating certain players so that they don’t “reduce the quality of the game” like tanks, for example. As for cures, what they try to do is make it progressive in terms of champion level and skill.

Although there are mechanics that can get out of control with healing, such as the omnivampfrom RIOT they think that «healing is still a valuable and satisfying mechanic for some champions and subclasses.”.

The developers themselves talk about two kinds of cures As for champions. For them, there is a first category called «core healers«, who are the ones who have their power in healing, like Aatrox, Soraka or Dr. Mundo, among others. The second category would be the «incidental healers«. For them, these would be the champions that have healing in the champion’s kit but it’s not their main source of power. These would be champions like Nami, Irelia or Ahriamong others.

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Apparently dDuring Patch 12.13 there were some bugs with the first tier champions. Even though their win rate was balanced, these characters were healing so much that the counterplay of these elections was not working.

Serious wounds Solution against healing?

RIOT Games itself debunks a myth that exists among many players. Nope, Getting a Bramble Vest or Grievous Wounds against a healing champion isn’t always going to give you the edge to win or survive. You always have to keep in mind what is ahead of your enemy. However, the more healers the opposing set has, the more useful these items will be. In this way, we will avoid thehealing buildup» as an uncontrollable strategy.

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It seems that from this patch 12.14RIOT will be removing some of the outlier healing cases, as well as continuing to tweak healing to stay in line with what designers and players expect. We’ll have to wait to see if it works and shows on Summoner’s Rift.

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