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Riot gives more details of the cyber attack on LoL and TFT

Last January 20Riot Games confirmed that they had suffered a cyberattack on their servers. Since then we have not had much information about the seriousness of the situation. In the company they have tried to make all players keep calmalthough it is normal that there is a concern about the possible theft of data of all users.


A few moments ago, Riot has given more details about what happened. It seems that the attack It has been more important than we could have imagined.. And it is that, as they have revealed, the people in charge of carrying out this cyberattack managed to extract the source code of both League of Legends like Teamfight Tactics.

More details of the cyberattack arrive at Riot Games

As they point out from Riot Games, the hackers they have already sent an email asking for a payment. «It goes without saying that we are not going to pay“, they affirm from the company. Despite this, they are fully confident that no data and personal information of its players has been leaked. However, that the game source code has fallen into bad bad can be a serious problem for Riot Games and its titles.

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At the moment, Riot Games is still working both with your own security team and with external agencies. They are also cooperating with law enforcement to find those responsible for this attack. They hope to have everything solved during this week and confirm that both the League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics teams will provide more details as they find any information about the attack.

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We will see what happens in the future, but it is clear that after an exhibition of this caliber, Riot Games is going to have to strengthen its system.

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