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Riot is apparently working on an MMO shooter that sounds like competition for Destiny 2

A job posting from Riot Games is currently causing speculation on Twitter. Is the studio behind League of Legends and Valorant developing an MMO shooter?

Where does the information come from? Riot Games, the development studio behind League of Legends and the tactical shooter Valorant, is apparently working on an MMO shooter. At least that’s what a job posting for an “unreleased product” that Riot advertises on its website (via suggests.

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What kind of game is this? The game mentioned in the job posting is a project that has neither been published nor officially announced. Accordingly, nothing is known about the title yet. Nevertheless, the qualifications that are desired or required for the job provide some clues that invite speculation. Above all, the following aspects:

  • “Deep dive into modern progression systems in MMOFPS, competitive shooters, and season-based ARPG games.”
  • “Released or worked on at least one AAA or ‘lifestyle’ long-development online game over weeks, months, or multiple seasons.”
  • “In-depth knowledge of long-term progression systems from different angles (MMO, FPS, Premium Mobile, Competitive Multiplayer, ARPG)”
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On Twitter, the job posting prompted speculation. The user “PlayerIGN”, for example, refers to speculation that it could be competition for Destiny 2, which plays in the Valorant universe (via Twitter).

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In Destiny 2, the release of Lightfall is fast approaching. Bungie recently released the launch trailer:

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Launch Trailer


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Twitter user G2.BixLe also joined the conversation, asking if it could be an extraction shooter as he feels everyone is working on this type of game right now.

Extraction shooters are also called EFT likes because they follow a principle similar to Escape from Tarkov. There players have to collect loot on an open map, fulfill orders and extract them successfully. If they die, they lose the equipment they are carrying.


What do the players say about the speculation? Reactions to IGNPlayer’s speculation about Riot’s yet-to-be-announced game have been mixed. Some players find the idea or the speculated game concept interesting, others are not fans.

  • nerdyjoe2022: “A Valorant version of Destiny could mean the end of my social life forever.”
  • Zoutriv via Twitter: “Oh no! Not Destiny 2 or Division […] Please, we want a real ., not an FPS shooter.”
  • Abstract_OW: “Oooo I’m interested!”

Riot Games is currently working on its own .. This is set to take place in Runeterra, the League of Legends universe.

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