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Riot presents us the name of the new Agent 21 of VALORANT

Riot presents us the name of the new Agent 21

VALORANT is preparing to welcome a new addition to its agent roster. We have long known that the agent 21 It will arrive soon at VALORANT, although at the moment there is no official date. Everything indicates that it will be during Episode 5: Act 3 when we enjoy this new character. To date we did not know what this agent would be like, until now.


According to a publication issued by Riot Games from the official VALORANT account, this new Agent 21 will be called «Harbor«. During the last weeks we have seen how Riot Games has offered new details about this character, although they have never revealed their abilities or how they will function fully within the video game. What we know is that this is a new controller that will bring more variety to this role within VALORANT.

What we are clear with everything they have shown us is that we are facing a war criminal who stole a powerful artifact. His real name is Varun Batra and he comes from India.. According to what they say, he would have links with a god of Hindu origin who completely dominate the oceans. And this would have to do with his abilities, since it seems that Harbor uses water in-game.

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He is also seen riding a motorcyclealthough there is not much more information. A giant water wall and dome which, a priori, would serve to protect both himself and his companions. What is clear is that Harbor’s arrival would add to the fifth game controller. So far we have aster, Brimstone, omen Y viper with us.

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If all goes well, Harbor would come to VALORANT along with Episode 5: Act 3. This means that we would have it with us from next October 18, the moment for which the launch of the new act is scheduled.

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