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Riot reveals changes to a controversial VALORANT map

Since fracture came to VALORANT has been one of the most controversial maps of the shooter. Perhaps see by its desEsports Extrasor by the complexity when playing it, Fracture is not a saint of devotion for most players. After receiving complaints for a long time, Riot Games have decided to take action on the matter. That’s why it seems that it’s coming some other change to this Fracture map.


The person in charge of revealing this news has been Joe Lansford «Pearl Hogbash«, current lead map designer on VALORANT. According to him rioter, Fracture will undergo a series of relevant changesalthough it will not be a rework full of the location. Nor did he confirm the date on which this little one will take place. reworkso we are still in the dark on this matter.

Riot reveals changes to Fracture, the criticized VALORANT map

Through the official accounts of VALORANT, Riot Games revealed these changes on the controversial map. At the moment we know that we will find some general changes, but they do not want to completely change this Fracture. According to Lanford, they want to improve the quality of the map in all its aspectsmaking it friendlier for its players and thus preventing users from wanting to play on it.


Although we do not offer specific details, we do know that as he if you of A and that of B will be different after this small rework. «What we expect is that A’s site will be more defensible. We could even apply some changes to Antenna so that both teams find that area of ​​the map more useful.“said the rioter.

We will see how this change works. The idea is to play as before, but giving those extra little helps that allow players to take a little more care of Fracture.


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