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Riot updates highly criticized LoL rewards

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For a long time, Riot Games has proposed improve rewards for good behavior of League of Legends (LoL) instead of focusing entirely on attacking toxicity. After all, there are times when complimenting people on good behavior is also necessary. To do this, Riot Games follows a trend in which getting honor is essential.

As we climb the honor ladder, the developer offers us different gifts. Once we reach the maximum, the level 5Riot gives us a series of rewards in LoL, including skins and chromas. However, players have long complained that these gifts are outdated and required early changes.


It seems that from Riot they have listened to the community and a few moments ago they revealed changes in these gifts. We will no longer meet only two skinsbut there will be a new line of cosmetics called three honors.

three honors rewards lol
Image Source: Riot Games

New LoL rewards arrive after criticism from the community

«We want you to continue to feel that we directly recognize your efforts to behave in a positive way with appropriate rewards.«. With this sentence, Riot Games reveals changes to the Honor 5 rewards that well-behaved players will receive within Summoner’s Rift. This is where the theme comes in «three honors«, where Malzahar will make his debut.

On the other hand, there are changes warwick gray Y mediaeval twitch. The Three Honors line will replace the chromas that have been implemented to date. They also highlight that the capsules of honor 5 will have the symbol that can be exchanged for these aspects or for their different chromas.

What it seems is that Riot Games is listening to its players and wants to reward all those users whose good behavior prevails over all things.


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