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Riot’s response to criticism of an “unfair system” in LoL

Many times, the League of Legends (LoL) community has complained about the MOBA system, especially the ranked queues. It is not the first time that users accuse the developer of making the games more complicated for all players and so on. force them to reach 50% win rate. This is something that Riot has always denied, although the community still thinks this works like this.

The losing queue It is the great factor that everyone highlights. When we lose several games, it seems that our partners are worse and sometimes more toxic than normal. To this is added that in these games we see more frequently players out of their usual position, the calls autofill. And in a recent post on the subreddit league of legends players they have again accused Riot Games about this matchmakingsomething that Riot has decided to answer to try to close the debate.

Riot responds to community criticism for the matchmaking of LOL

A user decided to share with the rest of the community that he had to Dodge several games because his teammates they had a win rate between 30% and 40%. A) Yes, u/yourLoLideaisshit said without any hesitation that RiotGames fixea the games so that the players spend many more hours inside the MOBA. And it is here when a rioter decided to intervene.

Riot Auberaun confirmed that the developer does not interfere with the system matchmaking to annoy the players. «we don’t do that. Although in the end the players find their MMR and reach 50%«, he highlighted. «The win rate is not a criterion to use. If an iron player improves and a silver player worsens, they will both reach bronze and play with other bronzes«, he finished.

What is clear is that the community is not satisfied with this system. We’ll see if Riot Games decides at some point to show how matchmaking works or, as a result, we continue to see this type of criticism.

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