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Riot’s serious problem with the chat restriction in LoL

Before the start League of Legends Season 13, Riot Games set out to improve its system of punishing the most toxic players on the server. This seems to be coming true. And if not ask all those players that as soon as they open the client they receive a message that «a summoner from LoL has been punished«.

However, in recent days we have seen some comments that have set off alarm bells. And it is that several players have received a LoL chat restriction punishment for no apparent reason. Some have been carried out by typing too much at some point in the game. Even simply for saying that a play has been executed badly we have also seen some punishment.


Riot greatly tightens LoL chat restrictions

For now, Riot Games warned days ago that it was going to work on making the bot who takes care of the bans be more severe with those players who deserved it. However, it seems that this tool has gone a little further than expected from the developer. Some players are being punished for no real reason and even though they have tried to command tickets to Riot Games, the company has denied them.


At the moment there is no response from Riot. However, it is expected that they will put their batteries together when it comes to fixing this system that is preventing some players from using League of Legends chat as they should. Of course, some players are afraid to use it and that the bot deny the use of chat after that game.

It remains to wait for Riot Games to decide update the status of your tool and that, in this way, summoners who use the chat to give information and communicate with their companions can do so without fear.


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