River City: Rival Showdown confirms launch on October 12 and presents its first video

Tom Henry

river city: rival showdown confirms launch on october 12 and

Arc System Works and developer APlus Games have confirmed that River City: Rival Showdown launches on October 12 worldwide for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, priced at €24.99. The game was announced this week in Japan, but now there is a date for the rest of the territories and a first trailer.

River City: Rival Showdown was originally released on Nintendo 3DS in 2016. These versions include polished control, improved scenarios, online play, interface adjustments to adapt to new formats and more. A physical version will also be released on consoles in Japan, and early copies include River City: Rival Showdown Original Soundtrack DXa soundtrack disc with 29 songs.

An improved version of River City Ransom

The title was released to celebrate 30 years of the saga kunio-kun and take the original story of River City Ransom, add multiple story routes, different endings and a fighting system that evolves the saga. “One night, Kunio is attacked by two mysterious individuals. Furthermore, Riki’s girlfriend has disappeared, and it’s up to Kunio to discover the truth. He has three days to solve the mystery and needs your help to defeat whoever gets in his way”, says the story, which promises to see some familiar faces from River City and new ones” in this fast-paced RPG and beatem up“.

The 2D fighting bonus game Fighting of Double Dragon 2016 be updated to Fighting of Double Dragon 2023what to include various unlockable characters.

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