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Roblox will implement a generative artificial intelligence (AI) to create content

One of the elements that has made so popular Roblox, especially among younger gamers, is the ease with which it allows you to create games and content. But its creators want to make it even simpler. They recently announced their plans to implement a generative artificial intelligence (AI) that allows players to create anything on Roblox just by asking.

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As they say in the official statement, anyone could become a creator of Roblox without the need to know how to write code or model three-dimensional objects. In the video they use as an example, we see how they ask the tool to create something and it immediately implements it.

This looks impressive, but for every person excited about the future this promises, there are two who look pretty worried. As you surely know, generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools like the one you plan to use Roblox have been accused of literally “stealing” the work of artists and creators to use in your own creations.

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Although Roblox says its goal is to implement these tools “ethically,” many don’t trust the company. In the past they have been accused of exploit the labor of minors, manage a betting market and not protect its users.

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Everything seems to indicate that AI tools or language models would be the future of content generation, but that can also lead to a labor crisis. It all looks pretty uncertain.

Source: statement on the game’s official blog