Rocket League: Get Free Items to Celebrate LGBTI Pride Month

rocket league: get free items to celebrate lgbti pride month

Tom Henry

Rocket League: Get Free Items to Celebrate LGBTI Pride Month

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At the moment we are in the middle of season 11 of Rocket Leaguebut if the new Nissan Silvia S13 does not go with their personality, they may feel more comfortable playing “ballonrueda” with the battle bus of Fortnitewhich they can get for free even if they don’t play on PC.

If you’re playing on PC, all you have to do is go to the add-on page on the Epic Games Store, click the ‘OBTAIN‘ and they’ll have it in their outfit section the next time they open the game.

Epic Games is giving away the Fortnite battle bus for us to use for free in our Rocket League games, it's not just for PC.

If they play Rocket League on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox and also want the battle bus from Fortnite, they still have to claim it from their PC. Go to the add-on page on the Epic Games Store and sEsports Extrasin with the same Epic account you use when playing the game Rocket League on your console. Most likely, the ‘Get’ button will not appear, but they will be able to ‘Add to cart’.

When they go to the cart they will see that they need to have Rocket League on the Epic Games Store on PC in order to redeem it. Don’t worry because you don’t have to download it, just add it to your library. Click on see productadd it to cart and now you can “get” the costume.

next time they open Rocket League on PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch they will find the free Fortnite battle bus among the other cars in their garage.

This offer will only be available for a limited time, although they have not said exactly until when.

Source: Epic Games Store

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