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Rocket League welcomes Star Wars droids turned into cars

rocket league welcomes star wars droids turned into cars

Star Wars is very present in our lives right now thanks to Jedi Survivor, but he won’t let us go even when we go to play soccer with cars. The day of Star Wars, Rocket League will have a collaboration that will introduce to the game cars inspired by the most popular droids in the saga: R2-D2, C3-PO, BB8 and K-2SO.

You can take a look at them in the following trailer.


We can find the droid car packages of the collaboration between Rocket League and Star Wars between Thursday 4 and Tuesday 16 May 2023. The packages for sale, their content and cost will be the following:

R2-D2 PACK (800 Credits)

  • R2-D2 decal for the Octane
  • R2-D2 wheels
  • R2-D2 Ornament

C-3PO PACK (500 Credits)

  • C-3PO decal for the Fennec
  • C-3PO wheels

BB-8 PACK (800 Credits)

  • BB-8 decal for the Takumi
  • BB-8 wheels
  • BB-8 ornament

K-2SO PACKAGE (500 Credits)

  • K-2SO decal for the Dominus
  • K-2SO wheels

It will also be on sale at the store Rocket League he STAR WARS Droids + Auto lot with all the content listed of the collaboration, the R2-D2 gamer’s anthemhe player title “droid” a golden fenneca black dominusa octane cobalt and a takumi orange.

In addition to this, we will also find the player title “Rust Bucket” and the STAR WARS R2-D2 (Twin Suns) player sign. Both will be completely free.


Source: official game website