Rockstar Games deleted 186 vehicles from GTA Online

rockstar games deleted 186 vehicles from gta online

Tom Henry

Rockstar Games deleted 186 vehicles from GTA Online

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The latest update to GTA Online is generating controversy as it has wiped out almost a quarter of the vehicles in the game.

Rockstar Games had talked about the update that players would be receiving from gta online for this month of June. The update called San Andreas Mercenaries It promised new content to be enjoyed by all players and a pitched battle against the faction of Merryweather Security, the private army of the GTA universe.

Now, a content update in any game is always expected and welcome, but this update brought a surprise that no one expected, much less asked for.

And it is that the update of San Andreas Mercenaries has just deleted 186 vehicles of the game, which is estimated to be approximately 27% of all vehicles available to players. Now you will wonder how many new vehicles did this update bring? Well, nothing more seven. A rather sad exchange for any player who was already used to variety within the game.

Obviously, the voices of the fans are already being heard and they are not happy with this subtraction. Rockstar ensures that, at least, any player who has previously purchased the vehicles can keep them, but this has not alleviated the bad decision they made, since users will have the availability to sell these vehicles in the internal market of the game. , and will be sold by premium in-game stores. It is estimated that this will exponentially raise the price of these vehicles due to their artificial scarcity.

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