Rockstar pronounces on the leaked GTA 6 and the consequences it will have

Tom Henry

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This weekend, the leaks of GTA 6 have been, without a doubt, the most shocking and relevant news for the industry that we have seen in a long time. Letting us see an unfinished version of the Rockstar game, one of the most anticipated video games has starred a huge scandal.

Since then, the industry has been on edge waiting for the reaction of Rockstar and Take-Two, the two responsible behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise. now we have an official statement about it, and the truth is that it has been as emphatic as it has been sober.

through the official twitter account from Rockstar Games, the team has broken its silence to address the issue head on. “Recently, we experienced an intrusion into our network in which an unauthorized person accessed and downloaded confidential information of our system, including early development footage of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto. Currently, we do not anticipate any disruption to our gaming services, nor any long-term effects to the development of our active projects,” the company said.

“We are extremely disappointed to have shared details of our next game in this way. Our work on the next Grand Theft Auto will continue as plannedand we remain committed to giving you, our players, an experience that exceeds your expectations, “the statement continues. Although these types of leaks have the potential for absolute chaos within the companies, it seems that Rockstar are calm.

As we speak, both Take-Two and Rockstar are using legal avenues to take down the videos online, trying to erase all traces of the leaks. On the other hand, surely they are already looking to take action against the people who have leaked all this amount of information and videos, and who, in addition, have downloaded other data from your servers. How will this turbulent event end?

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