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Rogue cuts the rennet narrative to add its first title

What Rogue has done in Sweden has been to cut the narrative surrounding the rennet team. He has made the Malmö Arena his personal arena and there he has placed all the labels of chokers at the guillotine Before what could be their last season without the company of KOI, the roguetians have decided to surprise the entire League of Legends European Championship (LEC). Fans thought that “The Miracle of Malmö” would be exclusively related to Fnatic or that the champion trophy was more in the balance of G2 Esports. However, Rogue has silenced presuppositions with a resounding 3-0 win over the Samurai.

Rogue and G2 Esports’ track record in the LEC Finals spoke for itself. The Roguetians were still weighed by the comeback they suffered against MAD Lions, beyond the rest of the slumps in the playoffs. Instead G2, with the exception of the ends of the spring-split of 2018, if he played a final it was to win it. Despite not talking about totals, Víctor Lirola already warned about it «flakked» in the preview: the samurai wanted to run over Fnatic. But the orange team was eliminated at the hands of the now European champion, who made the 3-1 a ‘generous’ result after reliving the worst nightmares of Carlos Rodríguez’s club «Ocelot«.

With Gwen, Jarvan IV, Ahri, Draven, and Renata Glasc, it was clear through the G2 Esports makeup that the samurai game is no joke. That they were going to win because of their strengths and try to minimize their weaknesses. However, Rogue was superior from start to finish. Kim Geun-seong «Malrang» ate Marcin Jankowski «Jankos» being much more mischievous with the opportunities of ganks. Arrived at the time of the group fights, the roguetians gave a real show. After getting the second dragon, it seemed that G2 had a chance to overcome the gold deficit. However, Andrei Pascu «OdoamneMarkos StamkopoulosComp“and Adrian Trybus”Trymbi» turned Ornn, Kalista and Soraka into a group fight outnumbered. Summoner’s Rift was theirs, and any advantage ended in objective and kill superiority.

The best thing about the beginning was how Comp took the audience back in time. Because seven years ago Martin Larsson «Rekkles«, today at the analysis table but at the time a Fnatic shooter, a pentakill with Tristana against Origen to lead the orange team to victory. Today the Greek did the same but with Kalista throughout the G2 Esports phase. Rogue was completely superior and in the second map the dynamic continued. G2 threatened to come back with a good flank on the opposing shooter in mid lane. Jankos and Sergen Celik «Broken Blade»They harassed Caitlyn with Trundle and Aatrox respectively, but it was Rasmus Winther«chaps» who gave hope for the tie. With an aggressive Flash, in one of his few defining moments the middle stunned four opponents to take the group fight.

However, Malrang vindicated why Jarvan IV cannot be left to him. He led the team through ganks in the early minutes, had great group fights with key ults, and kept the samurai from going 1-1 buying time for his team. Rogue showed why he learned from his past mistakes, as being “between the ropes” he wanted to play more aggressive instead of being scared. That made it 2-0 and put G2 Esports in a situation they hadn’t seen before in the LEC. as I well remembered the journalist Fernando Cardenetethe samurai had seen each other at most in a 1-2 within Europe.

However, as much as it was an unprecedented situation for G2 Esports, the result of the final was extremely familiar to the club: 3-0. As much as G2 proposed a Fiora to counter Odoamne’s Aatrox, Rogue was vastly superior like the rest of the series. Flakked found himself outclassed by Comp, Targamas lost to Summoner’s Rift with his rotations, and the top trio in poor form. Emil Larson «Larssen» was playing at home, but didn’t even need an all-star series to prevail. Although with Azir it was insurmountable, a great initiation of Malrang with Jarvan IV (using his ultimate on three rivals) sentenced the final destiny: Rogue would win their first European champion title with superiority against the most successful club.

Rogue’s Pandora’s Box of Feelings

The Malmö final will go down in LEC history for all the emotional toll it has on Rogue. «If we had lost to fnatic everyone would have said Rogue is choking. But, now that Fnatic has been wiped out, no one has said that they have been stamped. They will simply say that Fnatic has not played at its highest level«, assured Odoamne for Jaxon MVP hours before the final. The roguetians have turned the narrative and have caused it to be calmly said that G2 Esports has been stamped. As Rogue was considered to have done when he lost to MAD Lions in the finals. The roguetians They served G2 revenge after the last game of playoffs and the end of spring-split. Trymbi, one of the most humble guys in the LEC, screamed and cried with joy like no one else: having worked his ass off for the team had a reward.

In addition, in Malmö justice has been experienced in the LEC. After eight years in Europe’s top competition and more than 500 official matches, Odoamne has won a title. All at the cost of causing CAPS to lose a European final for the first time. Malrang has made good on Rogue’s bet on him by being the first South Korean after Kim Gang-yun.”trick» which wins again in the Old Continent. All this in a year in which the club has not missed the significant casualties at the end of 2021. It has been proclaimed champion the same season as Steven Liv «hans sam» has run out World’s. And the noted Kacper Sloma «Inspired» -not because of his quality, but because of his attitude- has lost the opportunity to win the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS).

Comp annuls another national bi-championship

Another of the many faces of the final, beyond seeing Larssen winning in his own country, is the redemption of Comp. The marksman has gone from being a Team Vitality dropout to being considered one of the best players at his position in the entire LEC. The Greek has been made with a title that not even Konstantinos-Napoleon Tzortziou «FORG1VEN» was able to lift. She has achieved it in a poetic season for him: the same one in which Vitality has failed with his “super team”. Someone who has also paid for this bow is Flakked, who will not be able to match Javier Prades «Elyoya» as two-time LEC champion in his first year in the category. It does not matter if Rogue faces DWG KIA for the third consecutive year in World’s. Now the Old Continent enjoys a new history that will enrich its history.

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