Roller Champions, the new free-to-play from Ubisoft, sets its release date with a trailer

The planned game for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch reached ‘Gold’ status a few weeks ago.

Three years have passed since Roller Champions was leaked, Ubisoft’s new bet in a world where skating and speed go hand in hand to form a frenetic sport. East free-to-play caught the interest of a large number of players and, after confirming that the game had already achieved ‘Gold’ status, the developer is preparing for its next release.

Roller Champions will be available from May 25And we are talking about a very close launch, since Ubisoft has set the premiere of Roller Champions for the next 25 of May. In other words, the energetic expertise of the French developer will hit the market in just a week, so we can already put on our skates and start rolling. Apart from this, Ubisoft wanted to give us the news along with a trailer in which some of the movements that we will make in the game are observed, such as throws, pushes to opponents and more.

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Roller Champions

After all, Ubisoft returns to sports experiences with a proposal that mixes competition with speed. In Roller Champions, we will have to participate in some games of 3v3 where the objective is to catch the ball, go around the stadium and score a goal. Obviously, these contests are intensified by the frantic skating and the possibility that the rivals they steal the ball from us with techniques that border on the illegal.

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Although the game was dated for 2020 and has suffered several delays along the way, we can already say that the French publisher’s free-to-play is closer than ever. If you want to know more about Roller Champions, we invite you to consult the key points of their matches, but you also have the option to wait until the 25th and try this new competitive experience from Ubisoft for free.

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