Rovio will remove the original Angry Birds from stores because “it is too successful”

Less than a year ago we happily reported that one of the biggest games in the mobile world was back. The 2009 game angry Birds returned to the iOS and Android stores after disappearing for several years due, supposedly, to an outdated game engine. But the joy will end soon. They announced that he angry Birds original will disappear again from the Android Google Play store for a rather surprising reason: it is too successful.

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The announcement of the game’s disappearance was made through an official statement made by Rovio on its social networks.

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The statement says “We have analyzed the case of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds and due to the impact on our game portfolio we have decided that it will be removed from the Google Play store«.

Analysts believe that the “business case” he is referring to is that, despite being a paid game, free-to-play titles in the franchise use microtransactions. Insiders argue that it is more profitable for Rovio for players to pay for microtransactions than for a full game and that led to this decision.. This seems to have been confirmed by the brand’s ‘community manager’ on Discord..

If you want to have the original Rovio Classics: Angry Birds on your phone, buy it now because it will be removed from the Google Play store.
“As the statement says, it is negatively impacting our other games”

By disappearing from Google Play, players who want the experience of angry Birds they will have to resort to titles with monetization systems. Those who have already purchased it will continue to find it available for download.

when will they remove Rovio Classics: Angry Birds (AB) from the Google Play store?

The game will be removed on Thursday, February 23, 2023. If you’re interested in buying it before it’s gone, you should hurry. In Colombia it costs only $5,500 pesos and you can find it here.

What will happen to the game in the App Store on Apple iOS devices?

It seems that Rovio can’t remove the game from the Apple store, so will change his name to Red’s First Flight. He probably hopes that this way players won’t find it when they search for the name ‘Angry Birds’.

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