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RTX 40s burn even with CableMod’s 12VHPWR cable

The controversy with the RTX 40 and the burned connectors and cables continues. At first the blame was attributed to the NVIDIA adapters, they talked at length, but after several analyses, including from the company itself, the diagnosis was that it was a connection problem by the user, who was not entering correctly the wire. Well, it has happened again… But now with cables professionals how are those of CableMod and its 12VHPWRsince again an RTX 40 has been in problems and it has ended up burning.


NVIDIA’s adapters weren’t as good as they should be, at least the reviews we saw from Astron and NTK, where the second prevailed over the first. But then it came CableMod and offered cables with much higher quality connectors in record time, but… Not even that has been enough.

CableMod’s 12VHPWR cables are in trouble too


Well yes, a new thread on Reddit has shown that even if there is a higher quality in the cables and connectors, in the end, they will end up burning. The user, who has uploaded his problem with two photographs showing the damage, has had an almost immediate response from the company in the same forum and to his surprise, it has been for the best:


We are very sorry. Contact our support and we’ll fix it.

Our products come with a guarantee and we help every customer.

Considering that CableMod was one of the first companies to offer options for users, and that the problem is not so much the cable, the connector or the graphics card, but the installation that the user does, the company’s reaction has been surprising. to all by taking care of cable problems.

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Is there no way to burn the cable or connector? Is there no desEsports Extrasthat prevents its movement or its bad connection?

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A repeat of what we’ve already seen


Well, apparently, and at the moment, there is no possible solution other than making sure that the connector is fully inserted, and checking it well, even if we have this 12VHPWR cable from CableMod, something that will not get rid of the problem. The new one 12VHPWR specification 1.1 It hasn’t shown up and they’re already a month late. It seems that both NVIDIA and the PCI-SIG are still studying the case and will be doing their extensive tests so that this does not happen once again.


As seen in the images, the connector has ended up burning in its two central pins, although the rest is touched both to the right and to the left. We understand that precisely because of the high perimeter temperatures.

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But it is that, in addition, the graphics card connector is also damaged, something that we have seen more times. Luckily for this user, he has reported that with another cable connected to the card it is still working normally. Since both NVIDIA and manufacturers wash their hands of this matter, and again, push the blame onto the user and cable installation (if it is done correctly, it ensures that it does not fail), because we do not know if in this case Esports ExtrasBYTE as such would have accepted a RMA.

Taking into account that the model in question exceeds $2,000 Being an RTX 4090, not having an RMA and a replacement graphics card is not an easy thing to swallow for any user. Therefore, connect the 12VHPWR cable correctly, even if it is from CableMod, so there will be no problems…


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