Rumor: Filtered the number of new Pokemon and more details of the Scarlet and Purple DLC

Tom Henry

rumor: filtered the number of new pokemon and more details

After learning some clues from the DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple and future games in the franchise, as well as details of a legendary Tera-raid event, now we have more news on Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Here we bring you all the details you should know about of this future DLC. It seems that a new rumor has thrown up more details.

This time the information focuses on the total number of new Pokemon and other topics of this additional downloadable content. The information comes from 4chan, but has gained credibility after the Twitter account Pyoro_NDwhich has successfully leaked information in the past, will comment on it indicating that the information is true.

The details are these, in the absence of official confirmation:

About the turquoise mask:

  • The message reveals the types of the new Pokemon:
    • Ogerpon: Plant
    • Okidogi: Poison and Fairy
    • Fezandipiti: Poison and Psychic
    • Munkidori: Poison and Ghost
  • Ogerpon has a mechanic where he can put on masks of the other three new Pokemon, adding their respective types as well, and a fourth mask that turns him into a traditional Japanese “oni” demon.
  • There would be new paradoxical forms of Pokemon “beasts and swords”
  • A new Bug-type regional bird exclusive to the first part of the DLC
  • 15 new Pokemon in this DLC and about 12 have already been discussed with the previous leaks
  • A Pokemon that will have a special form similar to Greninja Ash but is not from this generation and is not a starter

About The Indigo Disk:

  • As for the indigo disk, there will be some kind of elemental mega evolutions that recolor a Pokemon based on the Teratype it gets
  • For example, Charizard becomes more draconian by giving it a new dragon terraform and Balstoise becomes more military by giving it the Steel terraform.

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