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Rumor: Is there a CS:GO sequel on the way?

Valve She’s not known for making sequels, and when she rarely does, she takes forever to get them out. But some believe a sequel to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive could be on the way, after discovering an interesting file in Nvidia’s latest driver update.

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Within the drivers there were references to “csgo2.exe” and “cs2.exe”. The user who found these references clarified that “cs2.exe” is a holdover from 2014, but regarding “csgo2.exe” we seem to have less information.

This has led some to believe that they could be developing a sequel to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the Source 2 engine. While possible, it doesn’t seem very likely to us, considering that CS:GO continues to enjoy overwhelming success, being as old as it is.

The game has broken its own player records recently, so if Valve is developing a sequel, it would risk splitting its player base between older and newer games. What’s your opinion about it?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive