Rumor: Nintendo Switch 2 development kits have arrived in Spain

Tom Henry

rumor: nintendo switch 2 development kits have arrived in spain

It seems that more and more rumors are surfacing about the successor to the Nintendo Switch. In this case, they focus on supposed official development kits.

Specifically, the information is related to the receipt of this type of kits by game testers. This would suggest that there would be news about this Nintendo Switch 2 soon.

This is what the rumor claims, pending official confirmation:

  • the leaker Nash Weedle has shared rumors on Twitter about the Metroid series three years ago, indicating a new 2D project, possibly Metroid Dread, has indeed launched on the Switch. This gave him credibility.
  • The same leaker has shared some new information now in 2023, suggesting that a development kit for the Switch successor has been released.
  • People say that a USAstudio has received this development kit.
  • MercurySteam, the team behind Metroid Dread and located in USA, could be the studio that received the development kit.
  • After the success of Metroid Dread, it is likely that Nintendo will want to work with MercurySteam again.

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