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Rumor: Xbox Series X will have a Diablo IV themed edition

One of the most prominent leakers of recent times is the mysterious Billbil-kun on Twitter, who has shared a lot of things that have turned out to be true. He has now just dropped another revelation, and it looks like Microsoft is gearing up to launch a Diablo IV-themed Xbox Series X.

Billbil-kun specifies that it is not a simple bundle, but an “Xbox Series X Diablo IV Edition” that will be released on June 6 (the same day as Diablo IV) for $559.99 (it is unknown if the same price will be maintained in euros). If it ultimately turns out to be true, we can probably expect an announcement quite soon, as the game is only two months away from launch.

Diablo IV
A hypothetical desEsports Extrasof what the controller might look like, designed by POPeART_.