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Rupert Grint: “I would love to see the adaptation of Harry Potter in a television series”

Although right now there is a lot of talk about the magical world of Harry Potter thanks to the upcoming release of Hogwarts Legacy, the truth is that the world of the little wizard has never been forgotten. After the great books came the now classic movies, and other projects have continued to be released, such as the Fantastic Beasts spin-off film series.

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But the true magic of the original books and movies has been hard to recreate, and sooner or later someone will come up with the idea of ​​a remake. One person who actually supports this is rupert grintwho played the magician Ron Weasley. Grint believes that the books should be remade, but this time in the form of a television series, in order to include everything in the wonderful world of JK Rowling. Speaking to GQ, he said:

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“I would love to see the Harry Potter adaptation made into a TV series. I think it would really work. I’m sure the movies will be remade in the future though.”


In a TV series, it would certainly be easier to describe the fact that each book actually takes place over the course of an entire school year, a feeling that the movies had a harder time conveying because they were only about two hours long. What do you also think of this idea, is it time to revive the series, or should Daniel Radcliffe be the only Harry Potter forever?

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Rupert Grint: "I would love to see Harry Potter adapted into a TV series"