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Russia bans use of Apple devices for fear of US spying

russia bans use of apple devices for fear of us

In February of last year, it was when Russia declared war on Ukraine, announcing an invasion of the country and starting the war. To this day it persists and there are no signs that it will end anytime soon. Russia has many more enemies than allies and is aware of what other countries are doing. In fact now Russia has banned government officials the use of security devices Apple for espionagesince they believe that USA is spying on them.

For almost a year and a half now, Russia has been receiving constant sanctions. The fact that she was the one who decided to start the war automatically made her almost all countries turned against him and in favor of Ukraine. We also saw this type of movement on the part of the different companies, who decided to stop selling in Russia. In the end all of this has taken a toll on the Russian economy and greatly limited what they can buy.

Russia bans its officials from using Apple devices

iPhone 15 Chinese production

The United States has by all means prevented Russia from having access to chips. On the other hand, companies like Intel stopped doing business in Russia once the war started, so buying PCs, laptops or hardware itself became an odyssey. It was in those moments that we saw how Russia began to manufacture its own CP anti-sanctions. Despite all this, the Russians have been able to continue using Apple devices in the country, although it was not exactly the best option. As we saw a month ago, Russia accused the US and Apple of allow spyware on iPhones. All this is feared to have occurred in 2019with a spyware campaEsports Extrasaimed at the brand’s corporate devices.


named as triangulation, this exploit allowed spyware to be installed on said devices and when Russia found out about it, accusations automatically began. Now that some time has passed, the country still does not forget this and in fact, the intelligence agency of the country has confirmed that there is a spying operation. The Russian authorities have begun to ban government employees the use of any Apple device for fear of espionage.

It will be allowed to use Apple for personal use

apple company

Starting this Monday, it will no longer be possible to use iPhone for a “work use“, but if for a personal use, according to the latest regulations imposed by the Ministry of Commerce. This is joined by the Russian Ministry of Telecommunications and Media in initiating a similar ban. This will affect all Apple devices, despite the fact that we have said in the past that the discovered vulnerability only affected those with iOS.

Russia prefers to prevent with the prohibition and more when the own security service of the Kremlin (FSB) blamed Apple for working with the NSA to spy on the country. The FSB claimed that thousands of iPhones, including those used in diplomatic missions with NATO countries, had been infected with surveillance software.

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