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Sackboy announces its arrival on mobile devices

Sackboy is today the PlayStation character present on more platforms.

Sackboy runs to mobile to present a new game

PlayStation continues its expansion on mobile with a new free racing game based on LittleBigPlanet. Called ultimate sackboywill launch globally on Android and iOS on February 21st at no cost to any player. Developed by the Exient studio in the United Kingdom and Malta, it is a new 3D runner in the style of Temple Run and Sonic Dash.

After having starred in his own video game on PS4 and PS5, Sackboy once again stars in an adventure in which this time he signs up for the Ultimate Games, Craftworld’s most prestigious steeplechase tournament in which you must slide, jump and dodge Sackboy’s classic enemies to get prizes.

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In this title close to its premiere, players will be able to face rivals in direct matchesalso counting with “Daily Duels” full of gold and other prizes, highlighting “thousands of clothing combinations to unlock and upgrade” with a “growing catalog of clothing options being added all the time“.

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After Run, Sackboy! Run!, another side-scrolling endless runner that’s still available on Android and iOS, the little character returns to mobile, just as anticipated in its surprise release.

The expansion of PlayStation on mobile

Despite the fact that PlayStation 5 is its main axis of action in the world of video games, Sony has opted to expand on PC and also mobile devices. Without going any further, the company has acquired Savage Game Studios, a developer of mobile titles, although at the moment what are its projects.

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These are the minimum and recommended requirements of Sackboy: An adventure in a big way for PC

For his part, the cute character becomes the one who is visiting the most platformsWell, Sackboy: A Big Adventure is now available for PC after passing through PS4 and PS5.