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Safe on the Internet with NordVPN: Protected from surveillance & viruses worldwide

NordVPN not only protects your privacy but also your devices with its security package and fast servers around the world.

VPN services are often used to bypass regional restrictions via servers abroad. But they are also used for security. If you want to surf the Internet anonymously, you can hardly avoid a VPN. Important data such as the IP address and the location are otherwise easy to access. A really good VPN service can do a lot more than just disguise your identity on the web, for example protecting you from viruses or warning you of threats before they arise. You get all this and more with NordVPN’s security package.

NordVPN: Protected and anonymous with the cybersecurity package

This is how NordVPN protects you on the Internet

NordVPN protects you against data espionage and viruses with various methods.

NordVPN delivers comprehensive protection for both your privacy and your devices through a range of measures:

  • Surf privately through VPN servers: Since you connect via the VPN servers, nobody can access your IP address and your location.
  • Encrypted tunnel: The transmitted data is also safe from surveillance because it is sent and received via an encrypted tunnel
  • Virus scanner: Scans files for viruses during download. To prevent a threat from happening in the first place, you will also be warned when you visit an unsafe website.
  • Switch off advertising: Unwanted advertising, such as pop-ups and banners, is also blocked. As a result, it cannot become a gateway for viruses and spyware. As a pleasant side effect, you can also surf even faster.

In addition to all these services, which you already get in the cheap standard subscription, you will be able to use the data leak scanner of the Plus package also warned if your private data is compromised and sensitive information such as email addresses or credit card details may have been leaked. So you can take action in time. You also get access to the password manager, which allows you to securely store and sync your passwords across all your devices.

With the Complete package you can also store up to 1TB of data in the encrypted cloud, where it’s guaranteed to be safe and shared only when you want it to be.

All-round protection with NordVPN

Fast connection via servers around the world

With NordVPN you get a fast internet connection through servers all over the world.

Of course, NordVPN can also do more than ensure your security on the Internet. With more than 5,400 servers spread across 59 countries, you can bypass regional restrictions and, for example, use media that are blocked in your country for licensing reasons. You don’t have to worry about a loss of speed: NordVPN’s servers are so fast that you can fully utilize the bandwidth of your Internet provider.

Get a huge discount on a 2-year subscription now

By the way, if you opt for NordVPN’s 2-year plan now, you can save a lot. Not only is there a month free, you also get a huge discount. With the standard package, you only pay €69.36 for 25 months instead of €182.25, i.e. just €2.77 per month. With the plus package it is €3.35 and with the complete package €4.50 per month.

You also get a discount for the 1-year subscription, which is between 39 and 57 percent depending on the package. Only with a monthly billed subscription do you pay the normal price of €10.49 to €12.29 per month. By the way, there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. All details about the prices, discounts and subscription options can be found here:

Go to NordVPN subscription options


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