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Saitama from One Punch Man has transcended everything human with a simple movement

Saitama’s power is through the roof since the beginning of the manga and anime.

Saitama from One Punch Man has transcended everything human with a simple movement

The One Punch Man manga and anime is one of the most emblematic and popular in recent years, showing us Saitama, a young man who after intensive training managed to become one of the most powerful beings that fiction has ever given usthereby giving rise to being able to defeat any enemy with a single attack.


In this way, although we have recently been able to see that Saitama has shown his most powerful attack, the truth is that this could go much further over time, since, in case his current power levels were not enough, it seems that Saitama would have transcended the human limit to rise even more as the hero that the whole world sees in him.

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Chapter 167 of the One Punch Man manga shows us Saitama pushing the limits


Saitama is one of the strongest characters ever seen in anime


It has recently been seen with chapter 167 of the One Punch Man manga that Saitama broke his limiterthus obtaining incredible power, even though this act could have led to exceed the limit both human and any other racethis being something that could be seen in his battle against Garou.

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In this same battle taking place in outer space, it can be seen as Saitama unleashes his most powerful attacks without any of them completely defeating Garou. That is why he is ending up using the hyperspace gate, which allows him to interact with the fourth dimension. And it is right here where everything takes a script twist, since Saitama is able to grab this doorbeing something unthinkable for three-dimensional beings.

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For all these reasons, it remains to be seen if this fact is emphasized in the next chapter, although that is something that only time will tell. Otherwise, it must be said that the battle between Saitama and Garou is red hotbeing a fight that is meeting the expectations placed on it as well as one more test that explains why the deities of One Punch Man hate Saitama.

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