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Sales Spain: PS5 ‘resu-FIFA’ in its second best week of the year

Although digital sales are increasingly occupying part of the market share ‘cheese’, physical launches continue to reveal many interesting data, especially when they can move hardware or when their performance is studied in the medium and long term. In both cases, arrival week 40 of 2022 (from October 3 to 9) It was time to keep the magnifying glass on a FIFA 23 that had a huge debut last week, a premiere that PS5 did not capitalize on.

And the truth is that the success of the EA Sports football game, the last under the federation’s brand, is so overwhelming that most of the big titles would like for themselves a first-week performance like that of this giant in the second. . FIFA 23 has placed more than 46,000 copies on its second day, which, coming from 144,000 the previous one, represents a greater drop than last year (FIFA 22 went from 124,000 to 43,000) but a devastating brand in any case. It is not for less in USA, one of the most footballing markets when, remember, EA has announced that FIFA 23 is the best launch of the series in its entire history worldwide.

To make a more or less recent comparison, you can only look at Pokemon Arceus Legends. Saving the distances in genre, platforms and physical game culture, the first-of-the-year bombshell became the best premiere in the history of Nintendo Switch with 140,000 units and in its second week it fell to 26,000. It was the second best-selling Pokemon out of the box, only behind Sun and Moon for 3DS, and with these FIFA 23 figures, the curiosity is served for the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple in a month, as it can destroy both records.


As for the distribution of FIFA 23, again less revealing due to the intergenerational versions, almost 30,000 users took home a PS4 box with a blue band with Mbappé’s face, while some 6,500 preferred the red box of the old version of FIFA 23. Switch and many others the white band of PS5.

For the rest, the great premiere of the week was a NieR: Automata – The End of YoRHa Edition capable of doing 4,000 units on Nintendo Switchundoubtedly a pleasant surprise for PlatinumGames five years after the original and at the gates of Bayonetta 3. The other surprise was the 1,500 copies of the ‘capped’ Demon Throttle, exclusively for sale at Game. It is not a country for No Man’s Sky on Switch, however, which was left out of the table but close to four digits, while half a thousand were interested in the peculiar Chaos; Head Noah and Chaos; Child (analysis).

Outside of the premieres, NBA 2K23 kicked it up a notch and Splatoon 3 continued to fade gently, while Switch longlegs (Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Pokemon) remain in the four figures.

Top 10 Sales Week 40: October 3-9

  1. FIFA 23 for PS4
  2. FIFA 23: Legacy Edition for Switch
  3. FIFA 23 for PS5
  4. NieR: Automata – The End of YoRHa Edition for Switch
  5. FIFA 23 for Xbox Series
  6. Demon Throttle for Switch
  7. Splatoon 3 for Switch
  8. FIFA 23 for Xbox One
  9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch
  10. NBA 2K23 for PS4

Console sales: slight comeback for PlayStation 5

We said last week that, despite exclusive marketing rights and packs with FIFA 23, Sony had not been able to take advantage of the EA Sports bombshell with just 6,000 machines. This week, however, the manufacturer has managed to place 7,500 PS5 consoles which, without yet being up to the demand or the success of the game, begins to paint much better for the Christmas campaign. In fact, it is the second best PlayStation 5 brand throughout the year, specifically since that week 17 in which it touched the five digits with the replacement at the end of April and the second acceleration of Gran Turismo 7. And although still is not the desirable rate, we must remember that Sony came from not reaching 1,000 machines on too many occasions so far this year, some weeks even being over a hundred. By the way, most of those who wanted a console and FIFA paid more than 800 euros to get another controller and two more games.

Good result for you. Nintendo Switch with almost 5,000 machines still ironically pulling FIFA 23 and a bit of 2B (we’ll see how many moves “Pokemon USA” in a month) and also good for Microsoft with the nearly 2,500 Xbox Seriesthis time more from S than from X, as was the norm for a long time.



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