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Sales Spain: Splatoon 3 loses ink and fewer consoles on the September slope

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Last week, the 37th that covered from 12 to 18 September 2022, was the typical transition after a major release. There were no strong premieres, so today it is a matter of reviewing how those novelties held up and, above all, how the hardware accompanied them.

It could be said that the splatoon 3 crash It is within acceptable margins coming from a debut of more than 22,500 units, although word of mouth could be expected to show a more rosy figure. The great multiplayer exclusive to Nintendo Switch drenched the market with other nearly 6,000 copies to remain the best-selling game, an honor that it will probably repeat one last time in week 38. With the question mark over the digital distribution of this game in USA, they are still very good numbers, but not great ones.


In second position, it could be said that NBA 2K23 followed, but this time only if versions are added (2,500), since by itself only the PS4 version tops with the thousand scrapes (Ratchet and Clank also enter thanks to past offers). In fact, coming from lists full of ‘two thousand’, it is rare to see a top in which only the inklings game exceeds that figure and in which half of the table does not even reach four digits.

Console sales: new hardware slowdown

As for the consoles, in the middle of September, PlayStation 5 was again unable to maintain the first place after two consecutive weeks, since it fell from the respectable 6,500 and 5,000 units to just over 3,000 PS5s in week 37. This served Nintendo to recover the throne that it has been enjoying almost all year, but also with a discreet figure for what it is used to: about 3,500 switches, coming from 4,500. Microsoft, on its own, has subscribed to the about 1,500 Xbox Series weekly. Oculus Meta Quest 2 is still far below what it came to achieve.

The current week, which we will analyze in a few days, is also not picking up high caliber releases with permission from Return to Monkey Island and as much as we talk about Serial Cleaners, so all eyes are already on the imminent FIFA 23, the last to be released by EA Sports.