Samsung Electronics Unveils a New Era of Sustainable Digital Signage at ISE 2023

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is showcasing the future of sustainable digital signage at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023 in Barcelona, ​​with new technologies and sustainable efforts guided by the company’s new environmental strategy.

“We are committed to ensuring day-to-day sustainability across our signage portfolio and finding meaningful ways to minimize our environmental impact as part of our journey towards a more circular economy,” said Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We are excited to showcase our vision for how smart signage can help enable everyday sustainability while unlocking incredible new opportunities for businesses at ISE.”

Building technologies that contribute to sustainable digital signage

At this year’s ISE, Samsung will highlight the company’s sustainability initiatives based on its new environmental strategy announced in September 2022. Pre-registered visitors will be able to see Samsung’s environmental vision come to fruition as the sustainability area of ​​the booth will showcase practices in this area applied to digital signage products. These practices are based on the five stages of the product life cycle: sourcing, production, distribution, use and recycling.

Samsung’s 2023 smart signage products (QHC, QMC, QBC) are approximately 40% thinner than previous models, with a thickness of 28.5mm. As a result, the number of shipping containers required for post-production logistics can be reduced by more than 20%[1] compared to the previous model. In addition, smart signage products support automatic adjustment of screen brightness by adopting a lighting sensor that reacts to surrounding light conditions, helping users to manage their energy consumption automatically. In addition, the resin used for the back covers contains 10% post-consumer materials (PCM).

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Samsung’s cloud-based MagicINFO solution enhances remote management and helps manage multiple signage displays and various content efficiently. The Remote Management feature will allow users to easily monitor the number of connected devices, their types and errors, and easily manage individual devices, as well as remotely control settings such as screen brightness. In addition, this solution will offer other functions, such as device health diagnostics, which will inform users of problems related to cable connection, device temperatures and network interruptions.

At ISE 2023, Samsung will also host a separate Solutions Seminar Zone, introducing visitors to the company’s new and differentiated technologies. Its soon-to-be-announced cloud signage platform will offer a wide range of energy-saving solutions that will enable users to manage and reduce their energy consumption. New solutions include real-time control of power consumption, timed luminance programming, remote brightness adjustment, and automatic device management. This comprehensive platform will integrate and connect LCD signage, LED signage and B2B TVs to deliver a seamless user experience.

New Outdoor Signage 2023: Large LED Screens and Small Screens Unveiled

Samsung announces new signage products at ISE 2023. First, the company will unveil its 2023 outdoor LED signage (Model Name: XHB Series), created for the sports industry and spectacular landmarks.

The XHB series is available in four models: P6 (6mm Esports Extras pitch), P8, P10 and P16, all of which produce light with a staggering 8,000 nits peak brightness, exceptionally sharp and stunning image quality, even with direct sunlight. In addition, the standardized desEsports Extrasof the XHB series modules ensures flexible desEsports Extrasand installation, including concave (maximum 2500R curvature), convex, S-shaped, fascia, and 90°L types.

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With a desEsports Extrastwice as thin as the previous model, the XHB series can be installed without any problems, and the time spent on this task is also reduced by more than half for greater convenience. Also, thanks to its higher energy efficiency, the XHB reduces energy consumption by more than 15% compared to its predecessor and can reduce approximately 2,492 tons of CO2 emissions per year, which is equivalent to the amount of CO2 sequestered in a year for about 290,000 30-year-old pines.[2].

The XHB series will be available for order starting in ISE 2023, and some of the first models have already been installed as electronic scoreboards in the stadiums of the world-renowned US baseball teams – New York Mets and the world champion Houston Astros. – before the 2023 season.

Lastly, Samsung introduces a small 24-inch outdoor signage display (Model Name: OH24B) to cater to the Electric Vehicle (EV) charger market. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to increase, it is important to offer solutions that enable a more connected and enjoyable charging experience, while providing up-sell opportunities for businesses and retailers.

Outdoor signage excels in both durability and outdoor visibility in a wide range of diverse conditions. This great resistance and versatility are given by a maximum brightness of 1,500 nits and a metallic and stylized design, as well as by its resistance to water, dust and liquids (IP66, Ingress Protection), and by the IK level glass protection -10. A high-temperature rigid liquid crystal panel is also applied to offer greater durability even under strong sunlight. In addition, the display offers removable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth accessories that can optimize the reception rate depending on the installation conditions. Finally, the small signage boasts unprecedented energy efficiency, with the lowest energy consumption in the industry. [3] (maximum 90W) above 20 inches, perfect for an EV charging station that requires 24/7 operation and data delivery.

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New Kiosk and unique Flip Pro solution offer greater device compatibility

Samsung also announces the latest model, Windows version ‘Samsung Kiosk’ (Model name: KMC-W). In addition to the existing model running Tizen (OS), the Windows version of “Samsung Kiosk” supports Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system to expand customer options.

This new Kiosk adopts the 11th generation Intel Core Enterprise Edition processors. It is equipped with 8 GB of DRAM and 256 GB of SSD, offering fast processing and ample storage space to meet the demands of the rapidly changing industry beyond healthcare, hospitality and retail.

The company will present a new solution, exclusive to ‘Samsung Flip’, which satisfies the demand of both educators and companies to be connected to several devices simultaneously. It allows users to bring content or applications from their PC to the Flip by connecting a PC to the Flip. In addition, users can write over the content on their PC on the Flip screen and share it in real time. The new solution improves usability for remote work and offers a seamless working environment by allowing users to optimize and use the screen to connect with the screens of other devices.