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Samsung Galaxy phones suffer from battery problems again

Lithium mobile batteries allow us to have a good autonomy in our devices, which if we add the fast charging capacity, they become a great option. However, they are not without drawbacks and problems, something that particularly affects Samsung. And it is that, they are appearing Samsung Galaxy with swollen batteriessomething that seems to be the fault of the Korean company.

During all these years that we have been using smartphones, the problems related to them have been very diverse. From overheating, screen, connection problems or the most dangerous of all, those related to the battery. And it is that, if we charge a mobile with a defective battery, it can even explode on contact, although most of the time there are signs that indicate that the battery is not in good condition. One of these is when the battery swells and at this time we must avoid charging the mobile under any circumstances.

There are cases of old Samsung Galaxy phones with swollen batteries

The popular YouTuber mrwhosethebosswhose real name is Arun Maini, has been the one who has reported this event in a video that currently has more than 2 million views. It begins by announcing that has bought all Samsung Galaxy from 2010 onwards and when he was about to make a compilation video, he found that certain models were in poor condition. Specifically, his Samsung Galaxy 8 of 2017 showed a clear case of swollen batterywhich had separated the mobile in two.

We might think that this is a unique case for a while, but it is not, because it shows a Samsung Galaxy S6 from 2015 and a 2019 Samsung S10 with exactly the same problem. We are talking about 3 mobiles corresponding to the Samsung Galaxy range and launched in different years exhibiting the same swollen battery, perhaps too much to take it as a coincidence. To make matters worse, these are mobiles that were in disuse currently and in terms of its total use, it barely exceeds a few weeks. In addition, they were stored in the same conditions as the other mobiles.

Given the lack of answers, Arun decided to investigate and assume that the main cause was the heat wave that affected the United Kingdom, where he resides. But we return to the issue that only the Samsungs have been affected, so it decides send these Samsung Galaxy with swollen battery to the company itself.

After more than 50 days, Samsung does not give an answer to the problem

Samsung Galaxy ZFold 2

Despite his efforts and his status as an “influencer” given his large number of subscribers, the YouTuber was ignored by Samsung itself. And it is that, since the beginning of August, he has not received a response or update on what has happened or why. This means that more than 50 days have passed without receiving an answer and to his frustration he went to see if he could find more information. Surprisingly, she saw more people suffering from this problem, coinciding that it was with Samsung Galaxy phones. The reason for the swelling of these Samsung would be based on the fact that the battery electrolytes are breaking down and releasing a gas.

This is the cause of the battery swelling, thus being considered a defective battery. Therefore, the problem lies with Samsung and its QA, because in these Samsung Galaxy it seems that it should not have been fulfilled. In fact, it is estimated that this type of batteries should last 5 years without swelling, something that has not been fulfilled here in current models. Speaking of these, even the Samsung Galaxy ZFold 2 would also be affected by this problem. Now it remains to be seen if Samsung really provides answers to this swollen battery problem.

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