Samurai Shodown delays its update with ‘rollback netcode’ to the end of summer

samurai shodown delays its update with 'rollback netcode' to the

Tom Henry

Samurai Shodown delays its update with ‘rollback netcode’ to the end of summer

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SNK announced late last year that the fighting game Samurai Showdown will receive an update rollback in your network code to improve the online experience. With just a few weeks to meet the deadline and no concrete news, the company has announced that it delays the update until the end of summer.

SNK points out “setbacks and circumstances” that have affected the development. “The first beta has given us a good look at what we need to improve,” says the study. “We apologize to our valued and passionate fans who have waited for this update, and for any disappointment it may have caused. After updating the schedule, We hope to run the second beta on Steam in June.. We will give more details as soon as possible.”

“Rest assured, we work with Code Mystics partners to offer a smoother online combat experience and we appreciate your understanding and patience,” the statement concluded.

An essential technology in modern games

The code rollback is a more stable communication protocol than the classic delay-based netcode, which waits for player actions. He rollback it predicts the most probable action to make the game smoother and reduce the lake, and upon receiving the final action, if it does not match the prediction, it returns to the last correct state and the actions of the two players are reviewed. Thanks to the high predictability of moves and the way it masks corrections, the experience is much better than with the delay-based netcode.

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