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Sand Land: release date of the animated film and words of Akira Toriyama

In 2023 we will see the animated film of Sand Land based on the ‘manga’ by Akira Toriyama. This in addition to a game in development by Bandai Namco. The study sunrise (Gundam, cowboy bebop) is in charge of the main animation of Sand Landproduced by Kamikaze Douga and animates. In Anima’s history are the CG production of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and animation production .hack//The Movie.

Sand LandAkira Toriyama’s ‘manga’, was serialized by Weekly Shonen Jump from May to August during the year 2000.. Shueisha also published a compiled book volume of the manga in November of the same year, and Viz handled its distribution in English. The movie of sand man it is an exceptional case in which Toei Animation is not involved in an animation by Akira Toriyama.

Sand Land Akira Toriyama movie

What is it about Sand Land from Akira Toriyama?

in the future of Sand Land War has destroyed the entire Earth, leaving only a huge wasteland where the water supply is controlled by a greedy king. In search of a lost lake, Sheriff Rao asks the demon king for help and he entrusts his son, Beelzebub. Along with his assistant Thief, the trio crosses the desert, facing dragons, bandits and the deadliest enemy of all: the king and his army.

Sand Land is one of Toriyama’s lesser-known and foreEsports Extrasproducts. dragonball. Yes ok Dr Slump has had ‘anime’ series and movies, Toriyama’s distinctive work is more popular in the video game realm because of the franchise Dragon Quest, Chrono trigger and –in a lesser way– Blue Dragon.

Sand Land Akira Toriyama movie

When does the animated movie come out Sand Land (Akira Toriyama)?

The animated movie Sand Land based on the ‘manga’ by Akira Toriyama comes out on August 18 in theaters in Japan. At the moment there is no date for international markets. Considering the announcement of the game in development by Bandai Namcowe could expect a date for the West in the next few months.

Akira Toriyama answers questions about Sand Land

When and how were you born? Sand Land?

When dragonball finished, I tried several single-volume short stories. Come to think of it, although it was limited to one ‘manga’ volume, it was a weekly series. But I didn’t have an assistant and I did a good job drawing everything on my own. I am surprised at myself.

Sand Land Akira Toriyama movie

Is there a part where you can say that Sand Land is your favorite job?

When I draw my own ‘manga’ I like to keep the content light and simple. That is hard to accept. Actually, even with this, I’ll do my best to make a serious story by cutting out the light parts. In theory, you should like your latest ‘manga’ better. However, when I think about it now, I feel that at least the power and spirit of drawing Sand Land It was incredible.

What are the unique charms and characteristics of this work that only Toriyama himself feels?

Sand Land was completed by scanning a paper manuscript in ink, importing it into a PC and using ‘software’ to add a solid color and self-made hue. Maybe I didn’t sleep much. After I finished drawing all the stories, I lost my favorite wooden pencil holder that I had been using since before my debut.


It was a pen holder that got used to the hand for a long period of time by
scratch it with a knife or sandpaper and wear it down over time. I bought a new pencil holder and tried to sharpen it here and there, but it just didn’t feel right. Since then, I’ve used this as an excuse not to draw ‘manga’ (laughs).

Sand Land Akira Toriyama movie

What do you think about «Toriyama Color» being described as a very strong work with condensed characters, ‘mecha’, world view and story?

That may be true. I have to think more about my readers, but I feel like I prioritized my tastes. You can be disqualified as a professional.

How did you feel when you saw the video currently in production?

‘Teaser’ of the animated movie Sand Land based on the ‘manga’ by Akira Toriyama.

What I saw was a video with many unfinished parts, but still, I could fully feel the high quality. I never thought it would become a movie, and with this quality, it’s like a dream at this point.


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