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Santa Monica Studio seeks a combat designer with expertise in God of War

santa monica studio seeks a combat designer with expertise in

Sony’s Santa Monica Studio is working on its new project after God of War: Ragnarok and everything points to combat will continue to be one of the main aspects of gameplay: job offers are looking for people with knowledge of the battle system of the last god of war.


Specifically, the team needs a combat designer “for the development of an unannounced title” that must have “knowledge of god of war (2018) and God of War Ragnark (2022)and talk in depth about combat systems, mechanics, and enemies.”

You might think that the next game is a new adventure of god of war, but this is something that is not clear. Creative director Cory Barlog has not directed ragnark and instead has been working for years on laying the foundations of another project; in 2021 he said he was interested in creating a completely original license. It is believed that it could be an action RPG that delves into what has been seen in recent god of war and maybe a science fiction twist, but that’s just speculation.


God of War: Ragnarok exceeded 11 million copies sold at the beginning of the year, so the future of the saga is assuredwhether or not it is the most immediate game from Santa Monica Studio.


Our verdict of the last adventure of Kratos and Atreus

God of War: Ragnarok It is available on PS5 and PS4 from November 9, at which time in vandal we were able to play it to tell you in our analysis that “it is one of the best video games we have ever played. quite a masterpiece that delights us from start to finish with a story, a narrative and unforgettable characters, more fun and brutal combat than ever, spectacular bosses, an intense, varied and full of surprises developmentsome extremely interesting and well-cared secondary content and a top-level audiovisual section”. Remember that in Vandal you can also enjoy a complete guide.

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