Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates vs China for NVIDIA AI GPUs

saudi arabia and united arab emirates vs china for nvidia

Tom Henry

Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates vs China for NVIDIA AI GPUs

It is what was needed to overflow the pool. If China had spent more than 5 billion dollars on GPUs intended for AIwith NVIDIA as their supplier, it is now reported that Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates they will fight against it to gain units. The impact of the news is of such caliber that even human rights groups are concerned about all that this is going to entail. What will China do in the face of the push of a rival of this size and money? What do Europe and the US plan to do?

The numbers are truly incredible and NVIDIA is currently King Midas without a doubt. Faced with the push of China, the East and the West do not want to be left behind in AI, the new industrial revolution in the world. For this reason, the H100 is going to be more valued than ever and the green ones have been moving, with Foxconn, for example.

Saudi Arabia, like the Emirates, takes out the portfolio for a walk and orders 3,000 H100 GPUs for AI


It is the most powerful that NVIDIA has in the running, the most expensive, and the one that is most sold out at the moment, where units are being sold for more than $40,000. Namely, the King Abdullahlos University of Science and Technology will receive, for a value of slightly more than 120 million dollarswhere the best and most interesting is the arrival date: the end of this year.

How much power do these 3,000 GPUs And what model are you going to train with him? Well, it supposes multiplying by 5 what he did OpenAI with ChatGPT, that is, the computing power is brutal. The goal is to have the Shaheen III supercomputer ready by 2024, with 700 Grace Super Chip based on the Hopper architecture.

But there is more, because this supercomputer has been developed for a LLM which starts from China, and there is speculation that the eastern country can attract hardware and software engineers from that country, stealing talent and at low cost from Xi Jinping. Seeing is believing.

United Arab Emirates will not lag behind its rival


Although the exact figure is not known at the moment, there is also talk of thousands of NVIDIA GPUs on their way to the Emirates. In fact, the country already has no less than 384 A100 GPUs of the greens, which have trained a first version of their LLM language Falcon.

Of course, the problem is that after the orders from China and Europe, plus self-consumption from the US, the problem of substrates and chips is increasing with each passing second. In addition to all this, and as we said at the beginning, human rights organizations are concerned about the use of these LLM for certain unethical purposes.

We return to the point that technology in itself is not harmful, it is the human being and its objectives that turn it against one another, except that in this case the AI ​​can get out of the hands of the one who trains it. And creates. What do these two countries plan to do? Is the West right to put these powerful tools at the service of interests that may not be the best in the future? Do you have to control the hardware as if it were a high-powered military weapon?

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