Save 140 euros and get 7 essential games. Among them is the king of indies with influences from Dark Souls! | Top News

save 140 euros and get 7 essential games. among them

Tom Henry

Save 140 euros and get 7 essential games. Among them is the king of indies with influences from Dark Souls! | Top News

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In recent years, one of the genres that has become the standard of the indie video game is that of metroidvanias. Born from the mix between Metroid and the Castlevania released after Symphony of the Night, these games of semi-open world with platform and hints of RPG are now more popular than ever. True masterpieces have been born from this, and today’s game package leaves us with many essentials at a bargain price.

If you are familiar with Humble Bundle, more or less you will know how things go. Although, beware, this time is different! This organization creates deeply discounted game packages and donates part of the proceeds to charitable causes. Today’s is starring 7 metroidvania titles, and will allow you save about 140 euros.

Of course, normally in Humble Bundle you have several price options that, depending on what you want to spend, will give you access to more or less titles. This time things change a bit. being single rate. For 13.96 euros, you can get the 7 titles that make up the Must-Play Metroidvanias bundle. But what does it contain?

Along with these, you will also have a 50% discount coupon for Zapling Bygone and another 20% discount for Rain World: Downpour, the expansion of this demanding title. All games come with keys that you can redeem on Steam, even if you buy it on a third-party platform.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity to get such highly valued video games, you still have time. The Must-Play Metroidvanias Bundle will be available from today until 3 in the morning of June 22. Personally, I’m not going to think about it too much.

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