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save almost 100 euros for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 measures physical activity and body composition.

Bargain of the day: save almost 100 euros for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a very modern design

Little by little, the Smart Watches They are already part of our life on a regular basis. The main mobile technology brands have their own models, being samsung one of the most advanced The best smartwatches on the market are designed to monitor aspects of our health, something that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. You can save almost 100 euros on this model, since it only it costs 165.99 euros on Amazon with a discount of 36%.

Yes ok not your lowest price, but it has applied a great discount. In the official samsung store It still costs 179.90 euros, so the Amazon price is well worth it. It is a watch with very modern lines that adapts to all types of users, although you can buy straps individually. And it’s one of the top smartwatches for all it offers. Take advantage of the 36% discount you have right now to buy it cheaper.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 BT

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 costs 165.99 euros on Amazon with a great discount

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 BT

Samsung’s smartwatch also measures body composition


He samsung smart watch it can change your life. It tracks fitness progress and is the first Samsung smartwatch to also measure body composition. These types of watches are very focused on physical exercise, since they include a activity tracker to record daily results such as calories or steps. But it’s a useful tool to have a healthier life and abandon a sedentary lifestyle.

These watches have been greatly improved and are now capable of measure blood pressure at all times. It has ECG through the official application samsung health monitor with which you will get the most out of your smartwatch. It is worth mentioning that monitor sleep to detect the phases and its quality, as well as the saturation of blood oxygen. It has a very fun part, since you can share all the results with friends and has a scoring system to earn badges for your achievements.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 BT

You don’t know how necessary a smartwatch is until you have it, so we give you the keys to choose a good smartwatch. This Samsung bracelet costs only 165.99 euros on Amazon, where a 36% discount has been applied. A unique opportunity to buy the cheapest watch and save almost 100 euros.


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