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Scars Above Review

Scars Above is a science fiction game, with airs of Soul. It is definitely a very original game. Will it be worth the effort?

Scars Above, it’s completely science fiction, its story is definitely not the best, sometimes it feels a bit complex, other times it doesn’t make sense, but it definitely fulfills its role, which is to entertain us. The combat is curious, many may not like it, but I find it most attractive.

An alien spaceship is over the earth, you wake up after having interacted with it and no one knows what is happening. It is very curious.


Scars Above is a game of complete interaction, by this I mean that in order to advance or to be able to defeat some enemies, you must have a very open mind, especially in combat, you may at some point need to freeze the water with one of your weapons, to be able to save yourself from the attack of your enemy. It has a fairly agile weapon system, where you carry several with you and you can exchange them quite quickly, and if you need it, this will be a vital part of your survival in this game. Otherwise, you will die very soon. You also have a melee weapon, but it’s usually only for if you run out of ammo.

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But, everything here is not limited to weapons, obviously, you will learn new skills throughout the game. You will be able to scan different forms of life and from here you will get improvements. You will also have many tools that will make your fight a bit less difficult. Among these you can find shields, very special grenades with different characteristics and uses.


But, getting back to the skills, I have to tell you that separately, there are two skill trees (broadly focused on attack and defense) that allow you to unlock various beneficial passive effects, such as increased healing or better resistance to attacks. enemy attacks. The upgrades felt important, and skill points were awarded at a good pace.

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The game has pillars that act like Dark Souls bonfires: refreshing healing items and ammo, but enemies that respawn, but you don’t drop anything on death, and the game isn’t all that difficult, so I’m hesitant to call Scars Above a soulslike. . For this reason, at the beginning I said that this is a game with airs of Soul, because it really only borrows some characteristics.


On a combat level, their approach is somewhat similar, Scars Above requires a fairly methodical approach. You’ll mostly be fighting small groups of enemies, or a tough enemy with maybe one or two.

Dodging here is a bit funny, some might find it clumsy, but the game adds a rather long cooldown to this skill right when you land. So when you fall, you won’t be able to instantly dodge again.

Scars Above manages to tell its story very well over the course of the game, the scenes in between are short, which is quite nice. The focus on science also helps, giving Kate a natural way to figure out what’s going on with all these strange creatures and huge alien artifacts.

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In the same way, I can say that Scars Above gives me that feeling that the game is a bit unfinished, it feels a bit rough, I don’t like the textures in general of the game at all, especially that of the settings, they feel little finished. Luckily for everyone, at the performance level the game is going very well.

The voice performances are very good, the soundtrack and the sound effects are very well adapted. So in this section I have no complaints.


In conclusion

Scars Above is a game with quite original and challenging gameplay, it borrows some features from souls games, which is fantastic and doesn’t make it soulslike. The story is interesting and keeps us interested. Unfortunately, the poor dedication to the game’s textures takes a bit of the shine from this highly entertaining game.


This review was made thanks to a copy provided by Plaion for PS5.

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