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Scientists find a solution to get your WiFi through the wall

No extenders, no PLC: the best thing in the future will be a wireless network that stops at nothing.

Scientists find a solution to get your WiFi through the wall

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what the word WiFi means; It doesn’t matter if your Internet provider is a sucker and you have to set up your own network: if your wireless network hits a wall, say goodbye to the quality of your connection… at least not yet, because a team of researchers from the universities of Vienna and Rennes has found a potential solution to the problem.

The biggest enemy of the wireless signal of your beloved WiFi is the physical obstacles. That is why there are many methods for the waves to better circumvent them, as well as lots of alternatives and tricks in the line of more powerful routers, signal extenders, PLC and various aluminum cans to get the Internet signal to where you want it to go, it will be for a reason.

In this fantastic paper published in the journal Nature, the matter is well explained, but since you will not have all morning to break it down, we will summarize what this potential technology consists of to prevent surfaces from block the passage of waves: works by performing calculations to locate the location of obstacles in advance, so that instead of bouncing, the waves go through them.

The interesting thing is that not only has had a good result in their calculated models, but the team has made their experiments succeed. On the other hand, since these calculations can be determined using algorithms, could be extrapolated to other areas and come to have different uses. But don’t take our word for it, let Michael Horodynskyco-author of the paper, explain it better:

“The first thing is simply to send certain waves through the medium and measure exactly how they are reflected by the material. We managed to show that with this information a compensatory means could be calculated corresponding to any medium that scatters waves in a complex way, so that the combination of the two means allow the waves to pass completely”, and finally adds: “The key is to find a mathematical method with which to calculate the exact shape of the reflective surfaces“.

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