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Seagate’s exclusivity with Xbox Series X|S expansion cards has come to an end – Generacion Xbox

It is one of the advantages of Xbox Series X | S, but at the same time, one of the most controversial accessories that we can buy for our consoles of this generation. Seagate’s 1Tb SSD expansion card, and recently the 500Gb, have been the best but also the only options we’ve had to expand our state-of-the-art storage that takes advantage of all the features of the “Xbox Velocity Architecture”. But we knew that sooner or later this reEsports Extraswould end and that moment has arrived.

Because the biggest problem has been their price, €249 for 1Tb, costing almost the same as a brand new Xbox Series S, something that did not suit many users. However, recent discounts have come to put it below a more “acceptable” €180-190. And that’s where we see that Western Digital will move, the other big brand in the world of storage, also known as WD, which seems to have the WD_BLACK C50 1Tbthe first official SSD expansion card for the Xbox Series from Western Digital.


WD’s new Xbox Series expansion cards are on the way

These photos from the gallery that we have shown you above and leave no room for doubt, we have taken them from Best Buy, the North American store, which has opened a file for the new expansion card, with great detail, photos and a description It is not intended to deceive anyone either.

As game files get bigger and bigger, the WD_BLACK C50 Expansion Card for Xbox is the quick and easy way to give your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S a big capacity boost so you can hold more titles. installed. Simply plug this officially licensed card directly into the dedicated slot on the back of your Xbox Series X | S and go, no additional software or installation steps required. The card offers performance similar to internal Xbox storage for a seamless experience when you install, load, play, and save your favorite games. Keep your library ready to play and get into the action fast with the WD_BLACK C50 Expansion Card for Xbox.

Its price is $179.99, much lower to begin with than those of Seagate itself, so the options begin to expand and therefore, the competition between brands, which in the end, ends up having an impact on prices, which will go going down progressively. Or at least, we hope so.