Sega affirms that it seeks to make acquisitions of companies, not to be bought

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sega affirms that it seeks to make acquisitions of companies,

Sega is not interested in being acquired, on the contrary, it is looking for studios to grow. This has been stated by Shuji Utsumi, director of operations at Sega, who gives as an example the recent purchase of Rovio, the well-known developer of angry Birds.

In the midst of purchases of studios and publishers, Sega has always been seen as a very tempting target. Its name appeared among those that Microsoft was considering for being “the most attractive purchase due to its catalog on PC, presence on mobile phones in Asia and affinity as a brand on consoles due to its catalog.” However this did not progress and Microsoft was later replaced by Activision Blizzard.

“Many companies are interested [en Sega]. “We feel flattered.”Utsumi told CNBC, where he also spoke about the possibility of bringing more licenses to the cinema. “We have attractive licenses and great potential,” he comments while remembering that the owner is Sammy. “I don’t think we’ll see that kind of transaction.”

Sega not to be

Sega will be able to buy new studios

“As part of Sega Sammy Holdings, we are acquiring some companies. We just announced Rovio. We are interested in growth opportunities“says the manager of the company that 10 years ago acquired Atlus, creator of Person.

The company’s next big release is Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (26 of January), an ambitious installment that promises to be the largest in the series.

Sega not to be

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